April 1, 2015

Events | The Style Symposium Recap

Hello Beauties!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending The Style Symposium hosted by byKikisol and PLUS+ at the Hilton Garden Inn in Raleigh.  After hosting a giveaway and talking about the event for weeks, I was excited when the day finally arrived.  When I arrived at The Style Symposium, I was immediately greeted by two ladies who welcomed me, checked my ticket and gave me a gift bag.

As I walked further, I was immediately intrigued by the beautiful desserts display.  The pretzels and cupcakes were delicious.  I checked out some of the vendors, including IRMC, also known as I Rock My Curves, where I picked up an "I Rock My Curves The Best" t-shirt.  As I mingled before the event, I was able to meet other bloggers I know from the blogosphere, including Vivi Style & Image and Style Stories of Katiya Jo'nel.

Photography Credit:  byKikisol

The event soon got started, each of the panelists were introduced and we got started by answering the question, "What is confidence?"  Ladies went around sharing their own personal stories of what confidence means to them and as the symposium went on, women began sharing their personal stories of how they gained their own confidence.

We talked about everything from work wear to what we do to instill confidence in other women.  One story I loved was how a lady mentioned that when she went for a job interview, one of the company's employees encouraged her to wear a suit when she met with the head of the company.  She took the advice, wore the suit and got the job!

I truly loved this symposium and I was excited to learn that it won't be the last.  The next symposium will focus on dressing for your shape.  The next symposium date has not been announced, but trust me, I will keep you all posted!

What is a topic you would like to see covered at The Style Symposium?

God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. Love your makeup girl and kudos to the organizers, I think its so great when women get together and encourage and inspire one another.

  2. Thank you love! It really was a fabulous event. I'm so glad to see people thinking outside of the box and bringing something new and refreshing to the scene.


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