June 4, 2015

Natural Hair | Dove Hair - #LoveYourCurls

Love your curls.  A smile beamed across my face when I saw the Dove Hair Love Your Curls book and actually held it in my hand.  To be honest, as I started to read the first few pages and look at the pictures, I got overwhelmed with emotion.  Love Your Curls, is a poetic tribute to curly hair.  Written by best-selling author, Taiye Selasi and illustrated by Annick Poirier, it is intended to represent and inspire curly girls of all ages.

As I flipped through the pages and read stories of other women who tried to hide their natural hair through straightening and blow outs, I saw myself.  Although my mother never relaxed my hair, I began having my hair straightened before I was five years old.  I went on to wear my hair straight for over 20 years.  It took a damaging keratin treatment for me to see how beautiful my natural curls are.  My mother also played a hand in me embracing my natural hair.  I watched her grow out her relaxed hair before natural hair in the African American community was truly accepted.  She set the example.

Dove Hair has launched the Love Your Curls campaign to encourage women to celebrate their curls and inspire future generations to do the same.  You can create a personalized e-book with a custom dedication and illustration for a curly girl in your life.

Visit Dove Hair's website to download and share a personalized e-book here:  http://clvr.li/cgdovelyc1.

In addition to Love Your Curls, Dove Hair just created the Absolute Quench hair care line.  Absolute Quench, which is a three part system, provides 4 times more defined curls.  Learn more about the new products below:

Dove Quench Absolute Ultra Nourishing Shampoo
  • Gently cleanses curly hair, leaving it feeling soft and smooth
  • Nourishing formula leaves hair strengthened from the core

Dove Quench Absolute Ultra Nourishing Conditioner
  • Absorbs effortlessly into the hair
  • Increases manageability of curls for a smooth finish
  • Naturally curly hair is revived and strengthened from the core

Dove Quench Absolute Intensive Restoration Mask
  • A rich, creamy formula
  • Envelopes each curl to deliver intense nourishment for ultimate smoothness and hydration

Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum
  • Dove's first curl leave-in nourishing treatment
  • A fast absorbing, lightweight and creamy serum
  • Contains high levels of glycerine to penetrate and nourish hair
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair

After trying the entire line, I have to give Dove Hair a round of applause.  They have really mastered what natural curls need the most, which is moisture.  I was pleased with the entire line.  The shampoo left my hair slightly dry, but my hair was amazingly soft and the next steps of the conditioner, mask and serum left my curls defined, full and soft.  I love the way my hair looks!  The products have amazing slip for detangling hair and overall, great moisture power.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dove Hair for creating not only a line of hair care for natural curls, but a book of encouragement along the way.

Why do you #LoveYourCurls?

God bless & stay fabellis,

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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