September 13, 2015

Personal Style | Fab Werkwear Series: The Jumpsuit


The Fab Werkwear Series is back!  As I mentioned in my last work wear post, I felt the need to bring the series back permanently after seeing a comment on another blog about a need to see more work wear styles.  The truth is five out of the seven days in a week, the majority of us are dressing for the workplace.  I believe in work wear being professional yet still showing your individual style.

Now that the series is officially back, I want to share my personal interpretation of how to style certain pieces in your wardrobe for the workplace each second Monday of the month.  I believe that pieces in your wardrobe should be multi-functional.

This week, I'm sharing my take on the jumpsuit.  While some women wouldn't dream of wearing a jumpsuit to the office, you are truly missing out on an additional use of such a multi-functional piece.

Here are three tips for wearing a jumpsuit to the office:

1.  Stick to a solid color.
2.  Make sure it fits loosely.
3.  Wear it with a vest or blazer.

With these three tips, you can easily rock a jumpsuit to work.  This jumpsuit I'm wearing is a new favorite in my closet because I got it on sale for under $35.  It's comfortable and easy to throw on.  Just like a dress, a jumpsuit is an easy piece to put on when getting ready for work.  Give one a try!

NY Collection Jumpsuit
Forever 21+ Vest (Similar)
H&M Purse (Similar)
Hot Tamale Heels (Similar)

Would you wear a jumpsuit to the office?

Do you have something you would like to see in the Fab Werkwear Series.  Tweet me!

God bless & stay fabellis,


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