September 1, 2015

Lifestyle | A Day in My Life & #WhatsAlwaysOnMe

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I'll be honest.  Ever since I got married last year, my days have been busier than ever.  Being a wife, working full time, managing FabEllis, keeping our home clean and trying to lose weight keep my days pretty full.  Two of the things that keep me going through crazy days are long-lasting makeup and freshness where it counts.  An easy way to stay fresh throughout the day is by using Always Xtra Protection Liners.  When it comes to liners, many women may think they are just for your monthly visitor, but they can be used every day to keep you fresh.

Here's a look at a typical day for me and how I stay fresh throughout the day:

6 AM - Is my alarm going off?  UGH!

6:20 AM - I guess I'll get up since I clearly hit snooze twice.  At this point, I'm up and getting in the shower.  I love to use shea butter soap and lotion to keep my skin clean and moisturized throughout the day.

8 AM - I'm at work and starting my day.  I work in higher education so my day is filled with planning for meetings, conferences and making sure students are meeting their program requirements.  There is a lot of running from my office to the copier as well as going from my chair to the filing cabinet.  I always make sure to have at least two bottles of water in my bag for these busy days.

12 PM - It's lunch time, also known as my time for errands.  I typically use this time to run to the post office, get gas, peruse Target and grab a bite to eat....all in an hour!  I'm usually running back to my desk with a sandwich to eat while I'm working.  I also take a moment to grab blotting papers from my bag to blot my face of any oil that's come up.

4 PM - I have almost made it!  The workday is almost over at work, but that's just one part of the day.  I'm on a mission to lose 100 pounds, so it's time to hit the gym at 6 p.m.  Before I hit the gym, I make sure my gym bag has my essentials:  water, towel and Always Xtra Protection Liners.

6 PM - I'm tired, but in the gym.  My goal is at least 30 minutes.  Thank God my deodorant is still working!  I know when I leave here that I'll be tired and sweaty, but thankfully, I'll still be fresh where it counts.

My days are busy, but Always Xtra Protection Liners are the perfect way to keep fresh during a hectic day and they are so thin that you barely notice they are there.  Plus, they are small and discreet so they can easily be thrown in my gym bag or my purse.

Have you ever used Always Xtra Protection Liners?  What do you do to keep fresh throughout busy days?

God bless & stay fabellis,


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