January 6, 2016

Natural Hair | Three Tips on Growing Out Your Shaved Sides


Last year around this time, I was two days into my new job and rocking my newly shaved sides.  I absolutely loved the feeling of something bold and new.  Even though shaved sides are my absolute favorite style, you may have seen that throughout the past six months, I have been growing my sides back.  The maintenance of getting my hair cut every two weeks was more than I liked  or was used to.  So I began growing my sides back out and believe it or not, it wasn't that bad.

I've gotten quite a few questions about growing out my sides so I wanted to share three tips that hopefully will make the process a bit easier for you.

1.  Low Manipulation

Low manipulation in essence is limiting the amount of time you are combing, styling and touching your hair.  It is definitely one of the keys of retaining hair length and even encouraging hair to grow.  I personally style my hair once every one to two weeks.  Between the time I've styled my hair and my next wash day, I do not comb my hair and limit the amount of time I touch it.  I will sleep with a satin cap and use a pick to lift my hair in the morning.  The low maintenance allows your sides and overall hair to grow without being disturbed and allows you to retain your length.

2.  Protective Syles

When I first shaved my sides, I wasn't sure how many protective styles I'd be able to wear.  You would be surprised by how many styles you can actually rock!  Before beginning to grow my sides my back, I rocked senegalese twists.  As I began to grow the sides back, I even wore crochet braids.  The four weeks I wore crochet braids really allowed my sides to grow.  Beyond crochet braids, there are many style options including wigs.

As the sides grow, you can even wear braids all over because it doesn't take a very long length of hair for braiders to be able to braid your hair.  Plus, protective styling is another form of low maintenance with retains length undisturbed.

3.  Patience

I know it's hard, but patience is really the key when growing out your sides and hair in general.  I know six months sounds like a long time, but the time truly flew by.  Now my sides are long enough to two strand twist and I'm back to my tapered cut.  Just relax and before you know it, your hair will have grown!

Bonus Tip

I'm often asked online if I take hair vitamins.  While I don't take vitamins solely for hair growth, one of the ingredients in my daily multivitamin is biotin.  I take Nature's Way Alive! Women's Energy Multivitamin.  I enjoy this vitamin because it gives me a boost of energy and it makes my nails noticeably stronger.

Lastly, a major key with growing out shaved sides is to cut your longer hair as you grow out your shaved sides.  I know that may not be an option for some, but it gives you a more uniform look as the sides grow out.

What are your tips on growing healthy, longer hair?

God bless & stay fabellis,


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