February 24, 2016

Lifestyle | Five Life Lessons I Learned During the Fab Five Brunch


My heart is still full from the Fab Five Brunch on Sunday.  I knew last year that I wanted to have a celebration for FabEllis turning five and it was amazing to watch the vision come into fruition.  I had an intimate brunch at Midtown Grille in Raleigh, North Carolina on Sunday.  We had brunch, giveaways, gift bags and two guest speakers, Tia Y. Teasley and Tiffany Denae.  It was an awesome experience and as I've been reflecting back on the brunch, I wanted to share five life lessons I learned during the celebration.

Five Life Lessons I Learned During the Fab Five Brunch

1.  Everyone has a story/testimony.

During the Fab Five Brunch, one of the first discussions we had was on what makes you feel fabulous.  Each woman's story was different.  There were some women who shared that they had not struggled with confidence and even one who simply feels fabulous when she's in sweatpants and boots.  As we went around the table, I enjoyed hearing everyone's story.  Plus, I know that hearing someone's story can make you have a deeper understanding and appreciation of that person so I wanted everyone to get to know each other while they were there.  Each guest speaker shared their personal story on how they ended up where they are now.  In each story, it was amazing to see how each step in their life was preparing them for where they are now.

2.  Write out the vision.

"Then the LORD replied: "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it." - Habakkuk 2:2

This scripture came to mind as I was listening to Tia Y. Teasley, one of the guest speakers, share tips with each of the attendees.  She mentioned writing out your vision and as you complete one goal, adding another goal to your list.  She also encouraged everyone to dream big!  What I found to not be a coincidence, though, is that when Tiffany Denae began speaking, she talked about creating a vision board.  She said she watched every single thing she had on her vision board come to pass.  There is truly power in creating something whether you're writing it out or making a vision board so that you can physically see your vision in front of you.

3.  Use each opportunity as an opportunity to network.

One of the main takeaways I heard from attendees of the Fab Five Brunch is that they met amazing women.  You never know what opportunities are going to lead you to network with people.  I always keep business cards with me because you never know who you will meet as you tackle each day.

4.  Your life can impact others.

As attendees went around the table and introduced themselves, I was humbled by what was said about me.  I began FabEllis to have a platform to share my passion with others.  I never imagined that it would be something that would truly impact women.  You never know how your life, your passion, what you do impacts others.  The brunch taught me to be mindful of your actions, pursue your purpose and trust God.

5.  Women supporting women is amazing!

This speaks for itself.  I was in a room full of women (and hubs) and we all laughed together, learned about each other and left having connected with someone.  I loved it and want to develop more opportunities for women to come together like we did.

Thank you again to each and every person who has congratulated me on FabEllis turning five!  I know that God has bigger things in store!  Also, thank you to the sponsors of this event:  NY Collection, Notations, Pardon My Fro and derma e.  See more pictures from the Fab Five Brunch here.

Which life lesson resonates with you most?

God bless & stay fab,


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