February 26, 2016

Lifestyle | February 2016 Fun Fly Fabulous Box Review


I have to admit that I'm loving sharing what I receive in the Fun Fly Fabulous box each month.  The January box was awesome and filled with so many empowering mementos.  I just received my February box in the mail and couldn't wait to open it up.  Since February is the month of love, I couldn't wait to see how Fun Fly Fabulous incorporated love into this box.  Let's dig into the February Fun Fly Fabulous box!

Just like last month, I received the February box rather late in the month.  I hope that Fun Fly Fabulous will work on getting boxes out at the beginning of the month for subscribers.  This month's box is The Love Box.

Here's what I received in The Love Box:

1st Femme Notebook & Pen (Price Unknown) - As a writer, I can truly never have enough notebooks.  I thought this notebook and pen were a great addition to The Love Box.  The paper in the notebook is thick and seems perfect to journal or write a love note.  

1st Femme Sample Fragrance ($6.00) - Unfortunately, due to skin issues and allergies, I'm not a fan of perfumes.  I tried this sample, but found it to be way too strong.

Savvy Sleepers Satin Pillowcase ($36.00) - As I'm sure you all can imagine, I'm all about a satin pillowcase.  As a natural girl, I began sleeping on satin pillowcases several years ago as well as sleeping with a satin bonnet.  It has made all the difference with my hair!  What I really like about this satin pillowcase is the color.  I have neutral bedding and I've never seen a tan satin pillowcase.  Most satin pillowcases I've seen are black so this will be a great addition to our bedroom.  The only thing I'm a little shocked at is the price.  In the past I've paid about $10 for a satin pillowcase; however, this pillowcase has not only a secret pocket, but it's supposed to have anti-aging benefits for hair, skin and eyelashes.  To say the least, I'm intrigued.

Browny Brittle ($1.00) - I love chocolate so of course I loved this!  I really loved the fact that it only has 120 calories.  It would be perfect to put in my bag for a sweet snack at work or on the go.

Loyalty Jewelry Bracelet (Price Unknown) - I'm honestly not a fan of bracelets nor silver so I was a little disappointed by this bracelet.  Plus, I found it to be very tight on my wrist so I couldn't comfortably wear this bracelet even if I wanted to.  Although I couldn't find the price for this bracelet on their website, their bracelets range from $34-$72.

February 2016 Box Value:  Over $75

I'm honestly disappointed by this box.  Although the value of the box is significantly higher than the December 2015 and January 2016 boxes, I just don't like what it's in this box.  I know it comes down to a personal preference.  As someone who is not a fan of perfume nor bracelets, this just wasn't the box for me; however, the satin pillowcase will be used immediately.  I'm looking forward to seeing what's in the March box!  To learn more about the Fun Fly Fabulous box, click here.

What is your favorite item in The Love Box?

God bless & stay fab,


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