March 8, 2016

Lifestyle | Five Lessons All Women Should Learn, Embrace & Practice


Today is International Women's Day.  This is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.  I first found out about this day last year and I love what it's all about.  I feel that we need to embrace the women around us and make sure that instead of competing with other women, we are uplifting them.  Today I want to share five lessons all women should learn, embrace and practice.

Five Lessons All Women Should Learn, Embrace and Practice

1.  The next woman is not my competition.

Whether it is done in secret or in the open, I think we sometimes view other women as our competition.  What happened to supporting your sister?  Instead we have developed a "one up" mentality instead of encouraging each other on life's journey.  We are all on our own personal journies.  Instead of competing, embrace that no one is like you, you have your own gifts and talents and there is no need to compete with my sister.  No one can do you like you honey.

2.  There is no need to compare myself to other women.

Why compare yourself to another woman?  There is no need for it and it takes away from you appreciating yourself.  We all have been given our own set of gifts and talents.  There is no need to compare yourself.  God's purpose for each of us is different.  He made our features different for a reason.  Embrace yourself instead of comparing yourself to anyone else.

3.  Learn to compliment other women.

You have no idea how beautiful complimenting another woman truly is.  It shows not only that you're confident and comfortable with yourself, but that you are woman enough to recognize another woman when she's doing it.  I freely give compliments to women daily.  Something so simple can not only bless someone else, but make you feel incredible yourself.

4.  Encourage and support other women.

Encouragement and support in this day and age goes a long way.  Encourage and support the women around you.  If someone is going through a tough time, let them know you're thinking of them.  If someone is doing an amazing job, compliment them.  If you see someone needs help, offer your assistance.  People never tend to forget those that have supported them in this life's journey especially during a tough time.  Offer your encouragement and support today.

5.  All women are beautiful.

It's simple.  All women are beautiful.  We all were created for a different purpose with different features.  No matter where we come from, we're all beautiful!

What is a lesson you want all women to learn and embrace?

God bless & stay fab,


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