April 20, 2016

Lifestyle | Seven Inspiring Quotes from Viola Davis at Women's Empowerment


If you follow me on Snapchat, you may have seen that I went to Women's Empowerment in Raleigh on Saturday.  The moment I saw that Viola Davis would be the keynote speaker at this year's event, I knew I wanted to be there.  Viola Davis is such an inspiration to all women, especially women of color.  I appreciate her talent, honesty and being true to herself.  She has a presence that commands attention and I was honored that I got to see that in person.

The highlight of Women's Empowerment for me was hearing Viola Davis' keynote speech.  As she came on stage, I was in awe.  Surprisingly, I even became a bit emotional.  She was beautiful!  She had on a gorgeous red orange dress and her voice immediately commanded the attention of attendees.  Her keynote speech was powerful because she kept it absolutely real.  I felt like I learned a lot about her life and even felt encouraged from her words.  I took notes during her speech and seven quotes stood out to me that I felt were important for me to share with you.

Seven Inspiring Quotes from Viola Davis at Women's Empowerment

"It always starts with a vision; being able to see it."

"Failure is as big a part of your success as anything else."

"I found that the true treasure is understanding the power of failure and vulnerability."

"No matter how many mistakes you make, you're worthy.  You're worthy of everything life has in store for you."

"I recognize my power is sharing my story without shame."

"I'm still arriving."

"When in doubt, JUMP!"

All of these quotes were so meaningful to me, especially the last one.  I'm ready to jump and walk completely in my purpose.

Which quote is your favorite?

God bless & stay fab,


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