May 27, 2016

Lifestyle | May 2016 Fun Fly Fabulous Box Review


This is going to be an interesting review.  I have been reviewing each monthly Fun Fly Fabulous box since December 2015.  When I first began receiving the monthly lifestyle boxes, I loved them!  The December and January boxes were the bomb and gave me not only encouragement, but ColourPop lipstick.  You all know I loves me some ColourPop!  After January's box, the boxes began to go downhill.  I mentioned in the April review that if the May box didn't really bring it, I would be cancelling my subscription.  Keep reading to see my thoughts on the May Fun Fly Fabulous box and if I will be keeping my subscription!

Here's what I received in The Paint the Town Fabulous Box:

Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Purpose Pearl Acrylic Craft Paint ($2.99) - When I was younger, I loved doing crafts and painting.  Art class was my jam honey!  Unfortunately, I haven't painted in years.  I think I would have appreciated this paint more if I was also given something to actually paint.  Honestly, what would have really been dope is if Fun Fly Fabulous would have sent us a wooden piece like a letter from the alphabet to paint.  That would have been too cute!

Two Inch Paint Brush (Under $2) - Just like with the paint, I would have appreciated this more if I was given something to actually paint.  I wish this had been like a DIY box and that would have truly been something unique.  I will keep the paint and paint brush just in case I run into something I want to paint from Hobby Lobby.

Pure Nail Lacquer in Park Ave Princess & Wifey (Price Unknown) - One thing that disturbs me about these nail polishes is that when I try to look up the company they're from, Pure Nail Lacquer, their shop is no longer available online.  I've never heard of this brand and can't find any information on them.  When I saw these nail polishes, that's when I really discovered that this box was all about paint.  The formula looks nice, but since I usually get gel nails, I don't tend to use nail polish at home.  I may bust out the pink when my toes need a new color.  If you want to know more about the nail polish, I found a review on them here.

Lashes (Price Unknown) - Let's be real.  These lashes look like they are from Dollar Tree.  There is no brand listed and they look super fake.  No bueno.

Orly Gentle Strength Nail Lacquer Remover (Price Unknown) - I get it, I get it.  The nail polish remover obviously goes along with the nail polish.  What I found funny about this nail polish is that I could not find it on the Orly website and everything that matched the product description was on E-Bay.  This leads me to think that this is a discontinued product.  As far as nail polish remover goes, it's always good to have some in the house, but I didn't really need any.

May 2016 Box Value:  Over $5.00

This box was difficult for me to write about because I was absolutely shocked when I opened the box.  I realized when I received the box that it felt lighter than normal.  When I opened it, I was disgusted by the lack of items in the box.  When I first opened it, there was literally only the paint, paint brush and gold package.  When I opened the gold package, I was completely thrown off by the nail polish, lashes and nail polish remover.  I get that the concept is to paint the town, but this box is terrible.  

I am upset that I paid nearly $32 for this type of box to be sent to me.  What makes it worse is that this box is nowhere near the value that I've paid for it.  Needless to say, I cancelled my subscription the same day I received my box.  I tried multiple times to give Fun Fly Fabulous a chance, but the last four boxes have been a miss.

To learn more about the Fun Fabulous Box, click here.

What are your thoughts?  Do you have a favorite item in The Paint Box?

God bless & stay fab,


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