June 8, 2016

Lifestyle | Three Lessons I've Learned in My First Month of Full-Time Entrepreneurship


It's hard to believe it's already been a month since I said goodbye to my office job and hello to full-time entrepreneurship.  This is the happiest I've been in quite some time, but don't get it it twisted.  It has certainly been a learning and growing experience for me.  I can say that I feel like I prepared myself pretty well for this transition; however, there were a few things I realized after the first few weeks of full-time entrepreneurship that I didn't see coming.  If you're thinking about becoming a full-time entrepreneur, I encourage you to read the following lessons for your own journey.

Three Lessons I've Learned in My First Month of Full-Time Entrepreneurship

1.  It's important to create not just a routine, but a schedule!

When I worked in an office, you should have seen my desk.  It was organized, but you were bound to see sticky notes with reminders and lists of things to do that day.  I loved making lists and checking off each task throughout the day.  If we needed to meet, I quickly put you into my Outlook calendar so I wouldn't forget.  I pretty much had a schedule of what I did each day.  When I began working at home, somehow I forgot my methods.  I knew I had a routine in mind, but I stopped making lists and I stopped having a schedule.

Do you know what that results in?  Wasted time, distractions and forgetting things.  Not cool.  I realized that even if I have a routine set out in my head, if I don't write things down and make a schedule, I can very likely forget something.  When you're a full-time entrepreneur, you have to bring your A game at all times.  So now, I literally have a schedule that lists what I do during different blocks of time throughout the day.  I even created an Instagram schedule.  It's that serious chile!

2.  Pitching is key.

Depending on your type of business, you may or may not have to pitch to companies.  As a full-time writer and blogger, pitching has become a part of my vocabulary.  If I want to work with a company, I can't just sit around and hope and pray they see me one day.  I have to contact them and try to establish a relationship.  Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, I rarely pitched.  I mainly pitched for upcoming events.  Now I have to pitch on a regular basis.  I've learned that you can't wait for things to fall in your lap.  I pray and go out and put in the work.

3.  Setting new, bigger goals is a MUST.

For the past year, my main focus has been on becoming a full-time entrepreneur.  Beyond planning my celebration for my five year blogging anniversary, my goal of getting out of my office job and into full-time entrepreneurship was all I thought about.  When I reached my goal, I was so in awe that I had actually done it that I didn't realize I hadn't set any new goals.  I feel like I should have started setting new goals as soon as I turned in my two weeks notice.

Now don't get me wrong, I think taking time to appreciate what you've accomplished is necessary.  I just think that it's important to be thinking about your next move.  Also, when I reached this goal of mine, I believe my faith in God and even myself grew so much.  I realized that what may seem impossible is very possible.  Now that I truly know this, it's important to set new and even bigger goals.  I know to not limit myself and anything is possible through Christ.

Has this been helpful?  Were any of these lessons surprising to you?

God bless & stay fab,


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