June 15, 2016

Natural Hair | Are Crochet Faux Locs a Must Try Protective Style?


I'm sure you all may have noticed that over the past few weeks, my hair has been in protective style mode.  I needed a break from styling my hair and after falling in love with the look of faux locs, I knew they were destined to be my next style.  I found a local hair salon, Salon Crie, that did crochet braids.  After talking to the stylist, my appointment was scheduled.  Plus, she even agreed to pick up the hair so I literally only had to show up to my appointment.  Keep reading to see my experience with crochet faux locs and see if this is a must try protective style for yourself!

My Salon Experience

After washing and drying my hair, we got started.  It's been almost a year since I last wore crochet braids, but just like the last time, my hair was cornrowed and then she began crocheting the faux locs in.  My stylist used the Bobbi Boss Bomba Dreadlocks Faux Locks Soul in the color 1B.  It literally only took her just over two hours to complete the entire style from wash to walking out the door.

The Good

I love this style!  I'm already a big fan of crochet braids because of how easy they are on your hair and scalp and the easy maintenance.  One thing I love about these locs is that they look so realistic.  They are synthetic, but it's amazing how real they look.  They are also extremely lightweight.  I found this style to just be overall easy to maintain.  It didn't feel heavy and I received so many compliments from people while out and about.

The Bad

I noticed a couple of things about faux locs that I have to share.  One thing is that these locs tangle a lot!  I found these locs tangled almost everyday after the first week of wear.  I think the main reason for this is that this style is not to be manipulated like braids.  I thought I would be able to do all these intricate styles with these locs like I've done with senegalese twists and braids, but that only caused tangles.  I found it easier to simply wear the style down, up or in a bun.  You also have to practice patience when trying to get them into the bun.  It's big hair so it takes a little maneuvering.

Hair Photos

My Overall Thoughts

Even though the hair tangles, I still think this is a wonderful protective style.  Unlike braids, this style is not heavy and looks so realistic.  I highly recommend this style and think they are a must try!

Would you give crochet faux locs a try?

God bless & stay fab,


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