July 20, 2016

Lifestyle | Three Reasons Hearing "No" Can Help Your Life


Life can be interesting at times.  Since I've stepped into being a full-time entrepreneur, I've had to truly step outside of my comfort zone.  Pitching to brands was something I rarely did when I blogged on the side, but now, if I want to make sure I'm building great relationships and that my bills are paid, I am learning that pitching is absolutely necessary.  Along with putting yourself out there, though, comes the chance that you'll be turned down.  I've had a few no's in the past couple of weeks and it made me reflect on how that single two letter word can actually be beneficial.

Three Reasons Hearing "No" Can Help Your Life

1.  It humbles you.

Imagine what it would be like if you received a yes to everything you asked for in life.  You would not only think you were on top of the world, but you probably wouldn't work as hard.  Hearing the word "no" allows you stay grounded.  We're all human and at some point in our lives, no matter how great we are, we will probably be told "no" at least once.  It happens.  The point is remembering to stay grounded and always work hard.

2.  It motivates you to learn.

Have you ever been on a job that required you to have a yearly assessment?  That can be one of the most nerve racking experiences!  You have to sit and listen to someone critique your work.  Although it seems like a dreaded experience, it really can be a great thing.  Learning how to improve yourself and/or your work is really a blessing in disguise.  When I was in college, I was so passionate about writing that I did two internships my senior year although only one was required.  In my second internship, every article I wrote went through a series of writers for edits.  Although it was tough, I loved the comments because it motivated me to learn.  Receiving a no is always a chance for you to learn and work even harder for the next go round.

3.  It pushes you to try again.

When you receive a no in life, where do you go from there?  You can either never try again or pick yourself up and give it another shot.  I think it gives you an opportunity and even some fire inside to push yourself to try again.  Always remember that unless you try, you'll never know what could happen.

Would you agree with these reasons?  Which reason relates to you?

God bless & stay fab,


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