August 10, 2016

Beauty | Wet n Wild Photo Focus Lash Primer Review


I'll be honest with you all.  I'm a bit extra when it comes to my lashes.  I love big lashes and to me, it completes and makes a bomb makeup look.  Since I already have long lashes, I sometimes have trouble finding mascaras that add the curl and thickness I like.  That's when mascara primers come into play.  Mascara primers are made to boost the look of your mascara and give you more volume and length.  Although they've been around for awhile, so many come with a high price tag.  That is, of course, until Wet n Wild released their Photo Focus Lash Primer several months ago.  I'm on my second bottle and now that I'm a pro user of it, I wanted to share a full review.

About the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Lash Primer

This lash-building primer instantly creates a perfect base for your favorite mascara—perfect for building your gorgeous lashes. A special blend of waxes adds volume and length to your lashes, while conditioning and nourishing ingredients of Vitamins A & E and D-Panthenol to help strengthen.


  • Affordable ($4.99)
  • Available In-Store & Online
  • Gentle
  • Conditions Lashes


  • None

Product Pictures & Results

Bare Lashes

Left Lashes:  With Primer | Right Lashes:  Bare Lashes

Left Lashes:  With Primer + Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara | Right Lashes:  Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara

My Thoughts

When I first saw the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Lash Primer online, I was so excited!  You all know that I'm a super huge fan of Wet n Wild and they are one drugstore brand that I always recommend without hesitation.  As soon as I saw the lash primer in my local CVS, I scooped it up to give it a try.  The first thing I love about this primer is the price.  You cannot beat $4.99 and of course, since it's at the drugstore, it's often on sale.  Double win!  During my first application, I noticed how soft the bristles on the mascara brush are.  Plus, some primers dry really fast, but not this one.  I was able to apply primer to both eyes and then apply mascara without the primer drying.

As you can see from the pictures above, the eye on the left clearly has more volume to it than the right eye.  I love the thickness it gives my lashes.  The absolute best part is that my lashes always feel so soft after removal.  Some mascaras can make your lashes feel a bit hard, but with the primer, my lashes are always soft and it's no problem to remove the mascara at night.  I love this stuff and was honestly surprised when I read a few not so favorable reviews like this one.  Either way, when I saw the primer on sale, I automatically went out and grabbed another one.

Rating:  A+

I absolutely love this mascara primer and would recommend it to anyone.  It's not only affordable, but easy to find online or in-store.  You can't really beat it!  To learn more about the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Lash Primer, click here.

Have you spotted the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Lash Primer in store?

God bless & stay fab,


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