August 8, 2016

Personal Style | #FabsThrifty30: The Thrifted Dress


This is the second week of #FabsThrifty30 and this week is dedicated to the fab werkwear series.  When it comes to work wear, thrift stores are a great place to find quality clothing.  Suits and work pieces can be a bit costly so thrift stores allow you to get great pieces for work for a fraction of the cost.  Don't believe me?  When I used to work for a state agency, one of our directors regularly thrift shopped for her suits.  She always dressed very professionally so I was excited when she told me that she often went thrifting for her work attire.

One of my favorite pieces to thrift for are dresses.  I love finding thrifted dresses because depending on the style, it gives wiggle room for plus size women.  Plus, dresses are easy so they are perfect to throw on for work.  You simply cannot imagine all of the fabulous dresses in thrift stores!  You have everything from current trends to vintage styles.

I recently thrifted this dress from Mega Thrift for around $6.  As soon as I saw it, I was in awe.  I love all of the colors and of course, with a multi-color dress, there comes so much versatility.  Plus, with a fun print dress, there are no accessories needed.  You can throw on your shoes and go!  I opted to keep my look simple and pair with these Sole Society heels.  Simple yet fun!

Thrifted Dress - Under $7
Sole Society Heels (Similar, Similar)
Citi Trends Sunglasses

Do you thrift for dresses?

God bless & stay fab,


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