August 17, 2016

Lifestyle | Three Sections You Should Never Skip in the Thrift Store


Thank you so much for the amazing feedback on my latest thrift haul!  I'm really enjoying being back into thrifting and sharing how easy it is to incorporate thrifted pieces into your wardrobe.  After my recent post on why you should thrift with your squad, I realized that there is something else you should know about thrifting.  It is so easy to miss true gems in thrift stores.  How?  There are certain sections that we sometimes never visit due to either lack of time or interest.  Today I'm sharing the sections of the thrift store you should never skip.

Three Sections You Should Never Skip in the Thrift Store

1.  The Men's Section

As I shared in my latest YouTube video, the men's section is one of the best sections in the thrift store.  As women, we sometimes stick to clothing in our own section, but you could be missing some great pieces in the men's section.  The men's section of the thrift store is great for literally any piece of clothing, but I love finding jerseys, vests, denim shirts and even jeans.  Also, for plus size women, you may be surprised at the ample amount of larger sizes in the men's section.  I had been looking for an oversized denim button up shirt and was able to go right to the men's section in Triad Goodwill and find one.  Also, if you're looking for boyfriend jeans or jeans for a DIY project, the men's section is a great place for them.

Denim Shirt from Men's Section

2.  Housewares

When I thrift with my mom, as soon as we hit the door, we usually head off in opposite directions.  I head straight to the clothing and my mom heads to housewares.  She's a smart woman.  She has decorated her home with a lot of thrifted pieces that are simply beautiful.  When I was younger, I would always skip housewares due to lack of interest, but now, I realize I've been missing out.

I try to take the time to visit the housewares section because you can find great things like kitchen utensils, pieces for your bathroom and just about anything for your house.  I've made it a point to visit this section more often and my last find was the cutest bathroom organizer I found at a local consignment shop for under $6.  Plus, if you're a fan of Pinterest, you can find a lot of things in housewares for DIY projects.

3.  Handbags

Every time I take this clutch bag out, you wouldn't believe the compliments I receive.  Little do people know that I only paid a dollar for it.  Handbags are one of those things that I think you should never pay full price for.  The thrift store has so many unique bags, including vintage or even name brand bags, to choose from.  Even if you don't get your handbags from the thrift store, consignment stores typically offer very gently used bags for great prices.  The consignment store is where you will most likely find designer brands too.

Do you visit these sections of the thrift store?  Which section is your favorite?

God bless & stay fab,


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