October 26, 2016

Fashion | Three Ways the Right Bra Changed My Life


I should probably be embarrassed that I have only been measured for a bra twice in my life.  It was just something I never thought to do.  I remember my mother helping me find a bra as a teenager and from there, I just went with what looked and felt good as I got older.  That's generally what most of us do, right?  Well, a few weeks ago, I had a moment that truly changed my life.  I had a bra fitting at Lane Bryant and realized I was wearing the wrong cup size.  I was measured as a 40G and even though the cup size shocked me at first, when I tried on the bra, it all made sense.

After being measured, I tried on a Lane Bryant Smooth Balconette bra and a light bulb instantly went off.  Not only did I feel lifted and supported, but I looked great.  The cups fit perfectly over my breasts without spillage and my back fat was under control.  The true difference was when I put my shirt back on.  The girls were perky and my waist looked slimmer.  After wearing my new bras the past few weeks, I realized that they have definitely changed my life and I want to share three reasons why.

Three Ways the Right Bra Changed My Life

1.  My breasts are lifted, supported and smooth.

Before recently getting measured for a bra, I sometimes felt like my breasts were being squeezed together.  That was probably a combination of wearing the wrong cup size and the type of bra as well.  One of the things I love about the Lane Bryant Smooth Balconette bra is that it has wider straps, a wider band and separation between the breasts.  It really helps me feel lifted and supported.  Plus, there is no spillage.  I also love this bra because it's not visible with the majority of my clothing, including v-neck t-shirts.  You all already know how I feel about white t-shirts so that's an added bonus.

2.  My waist looks smaller.

Although it makes sense to me now, I never thought wearing the right size bra would cause my waist to appear smaller.  With the right bra on, my breasts are lifted causing them to not sit on my waist.  It makes my waist appear smaller and I'm all about the curves it creates honey!

3.  I feel more confident.

It sounds crazy, but having the right bra on makes me feel more confident.  I feel like the girls are in place and secure and I can take over the world.  My clothes fit better and smoother.  Overall, I feel like I look good so it's a great boost in confidence.  Lane Bryant recommends being fit for a bra every six months so I encourage you to go for a fitting soon.

When is the last time you've been fit for a bra fitting?

God bless & stay fab,


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