July 4, 2017

Five Fabulously Inspiring Gems Dropped at #BlogHer17


I just returned a little over a week ago from my first BlogHer Conference.  If you are unfamiliar, BlogHer is the largest community and conference for women content creators in the world.  The annual conference was held in Orlando, Florida and included over 2,000 attendees.  Needless to say, I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of women at the conference, but it was such an empowering experience.  Imagine women of all races and ages who are sheer girl bosses all in one place.  That was the essence of this conference and after hearing amazing keynotes from women like Serena Williams, Carla Hall and Cat Cora, I walked away feeling enlightened and even more full of purpose.

Photography by #BlogHer17

One of the things I loved most about BlogHer beyond being able to connect offline with women I have known for years online was the gems dropped at nearly every keynote I listened to.  The essence of the each keynote was to be yourself, embrace who you are and forget the naysayers.  Follow your own path and do what makes you happy.  I was constantly tweeting gems that resonated with me and I wanted to share five that I felt everyone needs to read.

Five Fabulously Inspiring Gems Dropped at #BlogHer17

1.  "Sometimes when you're not flexible enough, you miss out on opportunities."

I don't think words can express how much this resonated with me.  This was actually one of the first things I heard on my first full day of BlogHer and it made me do some inner reflection.  When it comes to business, growth and so much more, being flexible is key.  When you're rigid, you don't allow yourself the room to learn or grow.  In blogging, I have found that being flexible is so important.  When I'm working with brands, deadlines may change.  The brand may want me to change the layout of my post.  No matter how annoying it may seem, being flexible opens so many doors!

Photography by #BlogHer17

2.  "If you don't win, cool, but... Try your a** off to win!"

This quote is so meaningful.  You never know if you will win until you try.  You can give it your all and not win, which is cool.  You know you tried your best, but try your absolute best to win!

3.  "You serve best by doing what you love the most."

I think we have all had that experience of interacting with someone who really, really does not need to be working in customer service.  Customer service is their job, but it's not their gift.  When you're doing something you love, you're amazing at it.  That's when you serve the best!

Photography by #BlogHer17

4.  "I'm not doing the dessert.  I'm doing the entree!  That's like the philosophy of life."

When Carla Hall said this, I loved the story she shared.  She said that she often was asked to do the desserts when it came to cooking.  She didn't always want to make the dessert!  She wanted to make the main course, the entree.  She was essentially saying you don't have to be stuck in one category, the small category.  You can do it big!

5.  "Do what you love and the rest WILL follow!"

This is so so true!  I know when I first started blogging, I never imagined how much the blog would grow.  When you truly do what you love, it's amazing the doors that will open and the opportunities that will find you.  Even if you have to work a job you don't necessarily enjoy, make sure that you make time to do what you do love in your off time.

Which gem resonates with you the most?

God bless & stay fab,


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