August 9, 2017

Ruffles Galore


While in Atlanta last weekend, my friends and I discovered the most amazing Target.  It was my first time walking into a Target and seeing an entire, huge section dedicated to women's plus size clothing.  Plus, it was my first time visiting a Target that actually sells the plus size Who What Wear Collection in store.  You all know I almost passed out, right?  We literally walked into the store about 20 minutes before closing so I had to rush to get what I actually came in for then rush back to the clothing area to feast my eyes on everything.  I was in absolute love!  My friend Kiki of ByKikisol found the shirt I'm wearing in today's post and held it up for me to see.  Instant love, but...  I left it in the store.

When I travel, I'm often traveling on a budget.  I made myself choose one item and it was going to be either the shirt or these dope platform shoes.  Out of fear of not being able to find the shoes later, I purchased them instead.  I wore them at the TCFStyleExpo and people loved them!  When I got home from Atlanta, though, I kept thinking about the Who What Wear shirt.  So, I looked it up online and ordered it immediately.  It came a few days later and I wore it over the weekend.

I love this shirt!  Stripes are just my thing and then the huge ruffles just take it over the top.  Since it's not quite fall, I rolled the sleeves up to make it more summer appropriate; however, the shirt is actually light and airy so I never got too warm throughout the day.  I can't wait to pair this with so many different things in the fall and winter.  Trust me, it won't be the last time you see it.  You can see the rest of the new Who What Wear Fall Collection here.

Who What Wear Ruffle Poplin Blouse
Lane Bryant Shorts - Similar
Christian Siriano Mules - Similar
VeBrellen Sunglasses
Michael Kors Signature Handbag - Similar

Are you into ruffles?

God bless & stay fab,


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