August 13, 2017

Three Reasons I Decided to Switch to All Natural Deodorant


I'm addicted to skincare products, particularly natural skincare.  I have been using natural skincare products for years now.  I truly believe transitioning to natural skincare is what has given me clearer, glowy skin.  Surprisingly, though, it never occurred to me that maybe natural deodorant could be a good thing to start using too.  I remember chatting with a dear friend of mine about natural deodorant.  She lived a pretty healthy lifestyle, including working out and constantly eating all natural foods, but even she refused to do all natural deodorant.  She said that she just couldn't find one that kept her fresh throughout the day.  After that conversation, I truly didn't think about natural deodorant for years.  This all changed when I came across this video on YouTube.

The video of course was talking about how to lighten your underarms, but it got me thinking about deodorant overall.  It impacted me so much so that about a week later, I felt like maybe I should try to switch to natural deodorant to not only lighten my underarms, but improve my health.  Today I am sharing the three ultimate reasons I decided to make the switch.

Three Reasons I Decided to Switch to All Natural Deodorant

1.  They say aluminium found in antiperspirant may be linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's.

I will say this first; there is no scientific proof that aluminium is linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's.  These are simply theories; however, breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in women.  We all know someone whose life has been impacted by breast cancer or Alzheimer's.  As I thought on it, I know the positive impact that natural skincare has had on my skin and I can only imagine the impact all natural deodorant may have on my overall health, which leads me into my next reason.

2.  I want to make healthier choices.

The healthy lifestyle journey is not easy.  I have been struggling to maintain my weight loss from Jenny Craig and honestly, I'm tired of pressuring myself to lose weight.  I just want to make healthier choices in my life whether it be choosing vegetables instead of fries or taking a self care day.  I am taking it day by day because the older I get, the more I realize the importance of not putting unnecessary stress on myself.  I feel that switching to all natural deodorant is another step in the right direction with my health and I hope I can continue to make switches to all natural items.

3.  I'm trying to lighten my underarms chile!

The video that initially got me into thinking about making the switch was originally about lightening dark underarms.  In the video, it mentioned that aluminium can also be linked to causing darkening in underarms.  I have always had darker underarms and I really would love to lighten them.  My first step is making the switch and then I'm going to gradually stop using a razor.  I plan to switch to waxing to help as well as using activated charcoal to lighten my underarms.

I have already made the switch to natural deodorant and thus far, it's been good.  I am currently using Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant.  I have been using it less than a week and I notice that I am fine throughout the day; however, by the time I get home, I tend to be on the not so fresh side.  Yikes!  It does take your body a little while to adjust so hopefully that will go away soon.  I'll keep you all posted!

Do you use all natural deodorant?  Do you have tips for making the switch from antiperspirant to all natural deodorants?

God bless & stay fab,


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