November 7, 2017

Three Lessons #Blogalicious9 Taught Me On Sisterhood


It is hard to believe that #Blogalicious9 was a month ago.  I went into Blogalicious knowing that it would be an incredible experience, but it surpassed my expectations.  I knew from the first day that I was in for an inspiring, knowledge-gaining experience.  Trust me, I got exactly that.  VIP Mastermind Day started the conference completely getting my life together and encouraging me to go after what I really want and deserve.  The thing is, though...  Blogalicious goes deeper than just encouraging you to get your coins.  Blogalicious taught me the power of true sisterhood and truly how to treat your sister.

A sisterhood does not have to be women related by blood.  A sisterhood by definition is a community of women linked by a common interest.  Wanting a sisterhood is exactly why I created the local blog group in my area, the Triad Women Bloggers Network.  I wanted to build a community of women that could help support and encourage each other in blogging.  That is exactly what Blogalicious has been doing for years and beyond that, Blogalicious taught me that there are three essential things you must do for your sisters.

Three Lessons #Blogalicious9 Taught Me On Sisterhood

1.  Be nice to your sister.

As soon as I wrote this, I could envision a parent telling a child to be nice to their sibling.  As funny as it sounds, it is something that is important to take into adulthood.  Being nice never goes out of style.  At Blogalicious, I met women from all over the United States and the one thing I strived to do with every new person I met was to smile and say hello.  Something so simple can mean so much to someone else.  It makes you more approachable and can be the start of an amazing conversation.  I even had someone share that it was refreshing how nice I was at the conference.  We live in what can sometimes be a mean world so being nice to your sister is something so simple that can have a lasting impression.

2.  Hear her story.

Everyone has a story.  Let me repeat that.  E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e has a story.  At Blogalicious, I met everyone from a watermelon farmer (who was literally the coolest) to someone who had lost everything recently due to Hurricane Harvey.  Hearing another woman's story allows you to really gain perspective on life.  It allows you to see that we all have things we have overcome and goals we are trying to achieve.  Plus, we all have something in common.  Somewhere there is a common thread.  Hearing another woman's story gives me the power to continue sharing my own.

3.  Support your sister.

One of my favorite parts of Blogalicious was supporting Tanya Barnett of The Real Wife Movement during her session, "Using Facebook Live to Grow and Nurture Your Tribe."  Listen...  Tanya is an amazing speaker!  I had already fallen in love with her personality online, but seeing her not only in person but sharing her passion was incredible.  I loved being able to support her.  It is so vital to support your sisters.  I cannot even explain the amount of times I have logged online and seen someone hurt because people are not supporting them and their dreams.  We have to stop that!  Learn to support those that are close to you.  It means the world to them!

How do you support your sisters?

God bless & stay fab,


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