April 14, 2020

Three Life Hacks for Thicker Ankles


When it comes to having thicker ankles, I know all about it girl!  My ankles have been one of the parts of my body that I wished I could make just a tad smaller in the past, but not anymore!  I have learned over the years to embrace them.  The things you cannot change in life do not have to be a negative.  Learn to work with them!  I can't tell you the amount of shoes and ankle jewelry I could not wear at one point, but curiosity and my local shoe repair opened a brand new world for me.  So gone are the days of limiting myself and my fashion!

If you are wondering what I mean, trust me, I'm going to share.  These life hacks have really helped me to see that there is always a workaround.  So let's get into it...

Three Life Hacks for Thicker Ankles

1.  Add necklace extenders to anklets to make them fit your ankles.

For the longest time, I have absolutely loved the look of anklets.  They are fun, flirty and even a little sexy, but I never found one that would fit my ankle.  All of this changed when I was in Atlanta a few years ago.  I was looking through H&M and found some cute anklets on sale for only a $1.  I wanted to make these babies work and it finally donned on me!  Add extenders!  I'd been adding extenders to necklaces to give them a little more length and I never thought about adding them to anklets.

I finally added an extender to the anklet and you couldn't tell me nothing!  I felt so cute and I've been wearing them ever since.  I even found out that ASOS sells wide fit anklets in their Curve section online.  I ordered one earlier this year and it fits great with no extender needed!  I love that I have more than one way to get the look I want.

2.  Most shoe repair stores can extend ankle straps to fit your ankle.

So I get it...  I know that there are stores now, such as Lane Bryant and Torrid, that create wide shoes that often have a longer ankle strap.  The thing is though, sometimes the straps still aren't wide enough in these shoes.  Plus, sometimes stores like Target have more of a variety of shoes that some stores just don't have.  I was tired of finding super cute shoes and not being able to wear them due to the straps so I went to a shoe repair store down the street and asked was there anything they could do.

They immediately told me they could extend ankle straps by sewing a longer piece of material to the strap with holes OR making the elastic portion where the clasp is longer.  For one pair of shoes, we actually did both and the extension was so subtle you couldn't even tell.  Since then, I have not had to worry about ankle straps, especially with online orders because I always have a backup solution if it doesn't work.

See more amazing things your shoe repair can do here.

3.  Try high top sneakers or tall boots to give the appearance of smaller ankles.

Now let me preface this...  There is absolutely nothing wrong with having thicker ankles.  This life hack is only for those that want to give them a smaller appearance and/or want a little secret when it comes to shoes.

I remember a time when I wasn't a sneaker girl at all, but here we are!  As I've gotten more into sneakers, I have found that high tops tend to give your leg and ankle a slimmer look.  The same can be said for taller boots.  From combat books to knee high boots, they both give a slimmer look to the ankle.

Were you surprised by any of these life hacks? If you have another to share, please do below.

God bless & stay fab,


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