February 19, 2012

2/13 - 2/17: The Busy Week!

Hello Beauties!

I have missed blogging over the past week.  Last week was a very, very, VERY busy week for me.  I have certainly come to the conclusion that working two jobs needs to end soon.  I am hoping it won't last too much longer, prayerfully.  I wanted to do a post today to highlight some fun points throughout my crazy week.

Valentine's Day

This year I did not have a valentine (no worries!) but I still took advantage of an extra special day to wear pinks and reds.  Instead of wearing pinks and red the traditional way, I opted for a pink lip and pink/red nails.

Lips:  Wet 'n Wild's Mega Last Lip Color - Mauve Outta Here

Nails:  Wet 'n Wild's Mega Last Nail Color - Candy-licious
Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure - Right Said Red

One Year of Natural Hair

Yes, Feb. 26 will make my official one year natural hair anniversary.  (screams!)  Wearing my hair natural over the past year has been a fun yet learning experience.  I have learned a lot of hairstyles that I love, but some at the same time that are not as flattering or healthy for my hair.

This week I captured a photo of my hair before deciding to get it blown out yesterday.  I wanted to get a blow out and another trim just to see how it would look.  It is still growing and portions of my hair reach my shoulders.  A very great feeling!

Looking forward to doing posts this week on my ZOYA review and a few tips on great online vintage jewelry sellers!  Thanks for reading & God bless.


  1. Love your blog - what is that lip color your wearing in the picture above with the white shirt

  2.  Thank so much for the comment!  I am wearing Bare Hug by Mark by Avon.

  3. love it!  looking gorgeous hun!

  4. i love your natural hair!! son trendy!!

  5. hey darling,just found your blog and it is beautiful,come check out my post if u like it and follow me through GFC and i will follow back,xoxo


  6. Ohhh goodness me! I love those earrings!!!!! And your nails!! And your hair!!


  7.  Thanks girl!  I may have to send you the information of the Etsy shop I order from.  I appreciate the compliments.  :-)

  8.  Thank you Virginia and thanks for stopping by my blog!  :-)

  9. Love the hair!



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