June 21, 2012

KCCM - Product Review: Sedona Lace 168 Pro Full Color Eyeshadow Palette (First Edition)

Hello Beauties!

Today's post features another installment for the natural hair website, KinkyCurlyCoilyMe!

This week, I am giving a review for the Sedona Lace 168 Pro Full Color Eyeshadow Palette.  If you read my previous review of the 88 Metal Eyeshadow Palette, you know I am a fan of this company and the quality of their products.  I wanted to try something new to see if it would measure up to the first palette.

To see the full review, click here.

Also, all my previous reviews are listed here.

Thanks for reading & God bless!


  1. gosh. i really need to learn how to do eye make up. good stuff!

  2. You already know that I'm starting up my campaign for you to do YouTube videos. Can't wait to see how you work your magic with these colors love.



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