June 20, 2012

Protective Style: Senegalese Twists

Hello Beauties!

Today is the first day of summer!  When summer approaches, I know many of us typically reach for a protective style.  As much as I love my natural hair, I needed a break from styling my hair so I chose my favorite protective style... Braids!  I have always admired senegalese twists so I opted to try them.

If you follow me on Instagram (missfabellis), you may have noticed the change in my hairstyle already.  Here are a few photos of the style so far:

Thus far, I love the elegance of these braids and very easy maintenance.  Wondering who created these beautiful twists for me?

If you are in the Raleigh/Durham area, check our Marly's Braiding Salon - 919.878.8851.

Are you ladies rocking protective styles this summer?

Thanks for reading & God bless!

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  1. i am kinky twists :)

  2. i love your style! and yes, i will be braiding up my hair soon..i hope :-/ lol!


  3. beautiful twists ! never done it before, maybe this summer ! Im ur new follower .

  4. Great twist!
    I braid mine for the Summer, it so easy to maintain and keeps the hair in great shape after the hot months!

  5. I love your braids! unfortunately i can't wear braids :( but my hair is in a tuck and pin style. I do Have to take it down every week or 3-4 days but thats as far as protective styling goes for me:)

  6. I love the cinnabun bang!  #BLMgirls

  7.  I have never tried those before, but I always hear lovely things about them.  Enjoy!

  8.  Thank you so much for following lovely!  :-)  You should try them.  I love the way they look when styled.  Very elegant. 

  9.  Why can't you wear braids love?  Is it too harsh for your hair?  I just love protective styles regardless so I am sure you are rocking it well. :-)

  10. I love these twists. You are making want some.


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