October 30, 2013

Fashion | Where I Found My Cat Eye Glasses

Hello Beauties!

Throughout the past few weeks, I have gotten compliments as well as questions on the cat eye glasses I've been wearing.  Many people do not know this, but I do wear prescription glasses; however, I mainly wear them while driving.  Since I will soon be getting a new pair of prescription glasses, I wanted to try the cat eye look to see how it would fit me.  What better place to go than EBay to find an affordable pair of non-prescription glasses?

Photo:  Monovoltz

As I was looking for a pair of oversized, cat eye glasses, I found this pair from Monovoltz for $6.99.  Not only were they cheap, but the shipping was free!  I got the glasses super quick and I love them!  Now that I know what these frames look like on me, I'm on a quest to find a prescription pair very similar.

Do you like these glasses?  What shape of frames do you enjoy most for your face?

God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. Wow thanks for sharing I need these

  2. These are CUTE! I was a pair of Prescript like this, I'll be searching Ebay for some.

  3. Been meaning to ask you where you got your Rx glasses from so thank goodness for this post. It looks great! I'm feenin' for a pair.

  4. I hope you got a pair! So cheap and cute! :-)

  5. Thank you! My next goal is to get the prescription pair! :-)

  6. Thanks girl! I hope you got a pair! :-)


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