February 6, 2014

Personal Style | Target Steal + Mixing Prints

Hello Beauties!

It always seems like I love showing my personal style on Instagram, but it doesn't always make it over to the blog.  Today I wanted to share this outfit I recently wore because it includes two of my favorite things, a great deal and prints.  I love mixing prints, but I love a great price even more.  If you haven't learned from my Foursquare yet, I am a frequent Target shopper.  I often stop in to check out the 70% off racks and see what new goodies have been added.

I spotted this polka dot blazer several months ago in Target.  I loved the print, but I couldn't get myself to pay $40.  You can imagine the squeal that came out of my mouth when I found it in Target a few weeks ago for only $10.  Unfortunately, it wasn't my size, but I had a Target employee see if it was located anywhere near by.  Lo and behold it was!

Blazer:  Target ($10)
Pants:  Walmart ($18 - Similar & Cheaper)
Heels:  Payless ($25 - On Sale)

One of the best parts about this outfit was how affordable it was.  
The blazer, pants and shoes combined were under $60.

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Do you wait for items to go on clearance?  What's the last clearance item you've purchased?

God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. You look Great here and Yes; I only shop my friend Clearance. Last week I got an army green vest from JCP for $6.97. Waiting for cooler climes to wear it.

  2. Target is my store!!! I want to do more print mixing, I see it on others and love it. I like the way you put this together.

  3. Very cute!! Love how you put it at together :)

  4. Cute! Love the fit of the pants. I'm a fan of Target too. You have to be careful because you can get caught up. Go in for toilet paper and come out with a new dining room set.

  5. Thank you so much! Yes, I am all about some clearance shopping also! Best way to do it. I may have to look for that vest you got. :-)

  6. Thanks Trina! Sorry I missed the link up. :-(

  7. LOL! Toya! Hilarious. So true though. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Gimme that BLAZER! That is ALL. lol



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