March 24, 2014

Natural Hair | How I Maintain My Crochet Braids

Hello Beauties!

Would you believe that Friday marked five weeks since I had my crochet braids installed?  Wow!  That means I have successfully been rocking synthetic hair for five weeks.  I remember sitting in the stylist's chair and asking how long people usually wear crochet braids and her reply was anywhere from three to four weeks.  I knew in my head I was going to do everything possible to push these suckers to six weeks.  Thankfully, I am almost there and my hair still looks great.  How am I maintaining my hair you ask?

Below are simple steps I am taking to maintain my crochet braids:

  • At night, I gather my hair into a low ponytail and sleep with a satin bonnet.  
  • I clip away straight or straggly ends when necessary.
    • Since the hair is becoming older (and bigger), clipping the ends is not at all noticeable.
  • I spray my hair with water/oil mix and moisturize with Cantu Hair Lotion when necessary.
    • I have done this twice since having my hair installed.

Although I know these steps may not work for everyone, these have been very beneficial in maintaining my crochet braids.  They are soft and bouncy.  See my post on the installation of my crochet braids here.

How do you maintain your crochet braids?  Share ways you maintain any protective style!

God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. When I wear mine, I tend to clip a lot of strays a lot during the end. I can't lie sometimes I've fallen asleep with nothing on my head, I always lose my bonnet, and my saten scarf drives me nuts. I just took mine out after 4 weeks though and I didn't wash it like I typically do. Washing helps a lot, keeps that oil out so it doesn't tangle so much IMO. I like yours shorter like this it's look realistic, and whatever pattern she did lets it blend really well.

  2. I am in love with your hair!

  3. You are so pretty and your hair looks great.

  4. Still looking good! I'm thinking about getting some installed

  5. Thanks Ticka! You should! This style is so easy to maintain!

  6. Thanks girl! Also, thanks for sharing that tip about washing!

  7. Alright. I'm officially a believer!! I told my mother/hair stylist this is what I wanted. I've worn crochet braids when I was younger. Back then we called it latch hook braids. They looked great then but it was done with actual braided strands. When I told my mother I wanted to use loose hair she gave me a puzzled look. I then showed her your hair and she loved it. I'll let you know when I get it done.

    Tenisha Jon`ece

  8. Yay! Let me know how you like them! :-)


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