April 7, 2014

Fashion | Theary Sim Launches Spring/Summer 2014 Youtheary Khmer Viva Collection

Hello Beauties!

I am loving the growing amount of designers in the plus size fashion industry.  Fashion designer, Theary Sim, recently debuted her new 2014 Spring/Summer Youtheary Khmer™ - VIVA Collection, an innovative, contemporary collection of global lifestyle inspired women’s ready to wear clothing. The VIVA Collection is a modern twist on the traditional, offering a blend of soft pastels and vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium of elegance and femininity.

Theary Sim explains that her Viva la Frida theme is designed to capture the freedom and beauty of the new global lifestyle, travels abroad and the powerful but still elegant and feminine characteristics of curvy women. Capitalizing on the “Blurred Lines” between cultures, communities and sexes.  In the VIVA Collection, there is no right or wrong, no restrictions. Treating color as a continually evolving palette to be used tonally or mixed together as the wearer chooses. The undivided talent of Founder/Designer Theary Sim applies fabrication and shape freely to suit need, without compromise.

While most fashion designers are confined to patterns, Sim utilizes a signature “draping” method that accentuates and compliments the natural curve of a woman’s body, enveloping the wearer in beauty. “I put my heart and soul into creating more than just a pretty dress, but being a part of making a woman feel beautiful,” she explains.

In a BOLD move, Theary is simultaneously launching a brand expansion campaign on Donald Trump’s

For more information about the Youtheary Khmer™ Collection, visit www.youthearykhmer.com.

To see more pictures from the collection, click here.

Are you loving the Youtheary Khmer Viva Collection?

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  1. I LOVE all of these!! I need to check the site out ASAP!!

  2. So far I AM loving this collection!! Very beautiful colors and pieces. Fresh ideas and it's bold. I love to see people design with fearlessness and style!! http://ridad.blog.com

  3. YES! That's exactly how I feel. :-) Loving the newness and bold looks!

  4. Yes! I am loving the colors! Thanks for stopping by Adrienne! :-)

  5. the lace! The lace!!

  6. LOL! Yes! I want that lace crop top so bad!

  7. Whitney 'Nic' JamesApril 10, 2014 at 11:22 AM

    That purple sheer top/tunic is gorgeous! I also love that blue dress. Very nice pieces!


  8. Yesss! I'm loving them too sis! Thank you for stopping by! :-)


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