July 24, 2014

Fashion | Firmoo Glasses Review

Hello Beauties!

A few months ago I was contacted by Firmoo to review a pair of their glasses.  Firmoo is an online retailer who sells both prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses.  I had heard of them well before they contacted me because my husband took advantage of their First Pair Free Program in late 2012.  He even wore the glasses in our engagement photos.  Since I already knew of the company and he loves his glasses, I wanted to give them a try.

Although I do wear prescription glasses, I have been wanting another pair of sunglasses.  At the end of the day, I ended up with two pairs of sunglasses.  I will share my review of both pairs of glasses and my experience below.

First Pair of Sunglasses

I don't own any pairs of wayfarer so when I saw this pair online and noticed the cool, clear bottoms of the glasses, I immediately chose them.  I used the Virtual Try-On System, BUT with the provided images they already have on Firmoo's website.  I chose a picture of a young lady with a round face and since the glasses looked good on her, I ordered them.

It took a little over three weeks for the sunglasses to arrive, which surprised me since they were non-prescription.  When they arrived, I was shocked.  The glasses looked great, but they were too small for my face.  They looked like children's glasses.  Wow!  I let Firmoo know and they immediately apologized and offered to send another pair.  They suggested that this time, I use the Virtual Try-On System with one of my actual pictures.  Fair enough.

Second Pair of Sunglasses (Shown in Pictures)

I definitely saw that that particular pair of wayfarer glasses was not exactly becoming on my face so I chose one of my favorite shapes this go round, the cat eye.  I chose these frames, but chose a dark tint to make them sunglasses.  They took about two weeks to arrive and I was shocked at how good of quality they are!  The tint is great and definitely blocks out the sun while I'm driving.  I also like how the fuller frame looks on my face.

My Overall Thoughts on Firmoo

Pros - I definitely think Firmoo is a much more affordable option to glasses and sunglasses than what's offered at a doctor's office.  I like the fact that you can order just about any combination you can imagine like prescription sunglasses or non-prescription clear frames.  It's your oyster.  Plus, with the First Pair Free Program, it's ideal for anyone to give a try.

Cons - Honestly, I think Firmoo needs more variety in their shapes of glasses.  They have the same shape of glasses in five or more colors.  That's great, but if you have a fuller face and you need a wider frame to balance your face like myself, it's a bit hard because options are limited.  Also, I personally feel like shipping that takes longer than two weeks is a no go.  Hopefully most of their orders are like my second order where it takes just at two weeks.

Learn more about their First Pair Free Program below:

Powered By Firmoo

Have you heard of Firmoo?  Do you order glasses online?

God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. Those look great on you! I love the throwback look to them!

  2. Yeah that shipping is a deal killer for me. But the good thing is the sunglasses looks really cute on you and I like the shape of them.

  3. Your new shades look great on you. I agree with you, a large selection is always better.

  4. Thank you! I love vintage items so no wonder I chose these. :-)

  5. Thanks Louida! I'm really hoping that the shipping doesn't usually take that long!


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