August 18, 2014

Natural Hair | Good Hair in a Bottle Review

Hello Beauties!

Over the weekend, you may have seen that I was hyped about trying the brand new natural hair products, Good Hair in a Bottle, recently released by Seattle, Washington based salon, Good Hair Salon.  These just released products are the first products to be released by the Seattle salon and include a good curl shampoo ($13.99), conditioner ($16.99) and styling foam ($14.99).  After seeing some of Good Hair Salon's Instagram photos and YouTube videos, I definitely became excited about trying and reviewing their new products.  Let's get into the review and keep reading to learn how you can win these three products for yourself...

About Good Hair Salon

Many of us are afraid of our natural hair texture. We have not been taught, in our youth, to embrace who we are naturally. This phenomenon has been a disservice to generations of men, women and children who have no idea how to care for, or style the hair that grows from their heads naturally.

At Good Hair Salon, our stylists seek to reveal the authentic, natural beauty that each and every one of our clients possess, but have not been taught to see… and love.

~Danyale Thomas, Good Hair Salon Owner & Artistic Director

  • Gentle
  • Non-Drying
  • Pleasant, Clean Fragrance
  • Leaves Hair Soft
  • Easy to Use
  • Creates Fluffy, Full Curls

  • Not 100% Natural
  • A Little Pricey (Prices Range from $13.99-$16.99)

Product Photos

My Thoughts

When I received these products in the mail, I was immediately intrigued by the graphics on the bottles.  I loved how the bottles looked as well as how each bottle comes with detailed instructions.  I also liked the fact that the conditioner can be used as a conditioner, deep conditioner and/or co-wash.  I'm all about multiple-use products so that was an immediate win for me.

For the actual use of the products, I was very impressed.  Although the shampoo is not 100% natural, it is sulfate free and was extremely gentle on my hair.  My hair never felt dry while shampooing and once I rinsed the shampoo, my scalp was completely clean even after not shampooing my hair and scalp for two weeks.  I then conditioned my hair briefly in the shower and then deep conditioned with the same conditioner for an hour.  I rinsed my hair with cool water and I was blown away at how soft my hair is.  I actually chuckled to myself because the last time my hair was this soft was when I went to a salon.  See what I did there...Good Hair Salon!  

I proceeded to two strand twist my hair with the good curl styling foam.  I have never used foam on my hair before so I was interested to see how it would turn out.  I left the twists in for a day, allowing them to air dry, and unraveled them the next day.  These were the softest, fluffiest curls I have EVER had!

Hair Photos

Freshly washed hair with no product.

After detangling and applying the good curl styling foam.

Would I Recommend?

I highly recommend all three products to any naturalista!  It is rare for me to recommend an entire line, particularly one whose price is over my typical budget of $10 per product, but I have to recommend Good Hair in a Bottle because each product was awesome and the softness of my hair is unreal right now.

If you would like the chance to enter to win all three of these products for yourself, sign up for Good Hair Salon's e-mail newsletter.  Signing up is also a great way to receive promo codes as well as more information on when the products will be available for online purchase!

Are you impressed with Good Hair in a Bottle too?  Share your thoughts!

God bless & stay fabellis,

I received these products and compensation for review purposes.  All thoughts are my own.


  1. Thank you Lisa! Two strand twists have always been one of my favorite styles. I think they are so easy to do and the detangling beforehand really helps keep my hair from knots or tangling again. Hope you signed up for their newsletter!

  2. This product worked great with your hair! Your two strand twist is poppin' girl!!!!

  3. Curiousity Question: Does a little go a long way? I know when I buy conditioner I would most likely use that little bottle in 1-2 washes. Shampoo for me is different, I don't need as much of that as conditioner. The graphics are eye appealing.

  4. Hey Aimee! I will be honest. I'm like you. I definitely use more conditioner than shampoo, but I found for this that I did use slightly less conditioner than I normally do. I definitely have a great amount left with probably enough to do 5-8 more washes. For me, I only have to wash my hair every 1-2 weeks so the longevity of products is a bit longer.

  5. Your hair looks fabulous!!! Not to mention that polka dot shirt is gorgeous!!!! I love your hair this way, it's so cute!

  6. Wow! Your hair looks great and I love your color on the tips.

  7. Love all the curls! Your hair looks awesome!

  8. Your hair always looks fabulous, imo! And I love your pictures. Whatever camera is being used takes amazingly clear shots, and you look great!

    As for this stuff? I love the name! It's perfect.

  9. Thank you so much Christine! :-)

  10. Thank you Andrea! It's so funny you picked up on the lip color being purple. It is very purple/lavender in person but I thought it looked pink in pictures. You have a good eye. :-)

  11. Great review and your hair is looking fab!!


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