August 3, 2016

Lifestyle | Three Reasons Thrifting with Your Squad is a Must


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a thrift meetup with by KikiSol.  This was only my second thrift meetup I had attended so I was curious to see how it would be to thrift with a group this time around.  This meetup ended up being my best thrifting experience ever.  I'm one of those people who normally likes to shop alone so I was surprised at not only how much fun it was to shop with a group, but how beneficial it truly was.  As I've been reflecting on how great of an experience it was, I wanted to share with you three reasons you should thrift with your squad.

Three Reasons Thrifting with Your Squad is a Must

1.  You're able to search the store more thoroughly.

Thrifting overall can be overwhelming.  Just imagine trying to thrift in a large store.  There are so many pieces to look through and if we're quite honest, you could spend hours in one store.  Most of us don't have hours to spend thrifting so that's when thrifting with your squad becomes a must.  You're able to cover so much more territory in a group.  When I thrifted with the group, some of us were in different aisles and even different sections of the store.  I ventured over to the men's section and found a dope denim vest.  Also, as people went through the aisles, they picked up items they thought would look great on others.

2.  You have instant access to clothing or accessories that didn't work for your group.

This was my first thrifting experience where I can truly say that I am only responsible for finding one of the pieces I purchased.  Since we were spread throughout the store, we were all finding different pieces that we loved; however, some pieces didn't work when we went to try them on.  So, what did we do?  We passed them on to people they may work for.  I had three items passed on to me that I fell in love with, including this rainbow skirt.  If you're wondering about the booties, get them here.

3.  You instantly have a second opinion right in front of you.

When I thrift alone, I sometimes pick up unique things that I don't automatically know how to style so I put them back.  Thrifting with a group helps you add vision to pieces you may not know how to rock.  As I was walking through the skirt section during the meetup, I saw the rainbow skirt above that I for some odd reason thought was not only too small, but too busy for me.  Later, Angela of 24PlusStyle, picked it up and tried it on.  It didn't work for her so I decided to try it on.  I fell in love with it, but wasn't sure about how it looked on my body.  Angela helped me see that it worked and I could do a small tweak to make it work for my body.

Do you prefer to thrift alone or in a group?

God bless & stay fab,


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