February 15, 2017

Natural Hair | The #1 Reason I Got Rid of My Blonde Hair


If you have seen my latest post, I'm sure you may have noticed a change.  I changed my hair color!  I don't regard myself as a spur of the moment type of person, but changing my hair color was indeed a random moment.  I started contemplating going from blonde to darker tresses a few months ago, but I wasn't completely sold on it because quite frankly I love blonde hair.  As I was sitting in Tiffany Denae's chair a few weeks ago, I decided to make a quick change and it was for one reason and one reason only.

Before going blonde, I always shied away from the color because I was told horror stories about dryness and breakage.  I didn't want to mess up my hair so I stayed as far away as I could until curiosity wouldn't allow me to stay away any longer.  For once in my life, I wanted to give blonde a try and see if it was as bad as so many claimed.  To be honest, it was nothing like the horror stories I had heard.  With washing and conditioning my hair once a week, my hair was moisturized, strong and growing.

The reason I got rid of my blonde hair is because of...maintenance!  How was it a maintenance issue?  If you have been following my blog for some time, you know that my hair grows extremely fast.  So within a week, you could see my black roots showing after a touch up.  That was OK, but after a month, it started to look pretty bad.  Foolishly, I never took into account that with blonde hair, a once a month touch up is a must especially if your natural hair color is black.  So, if you are thinking about going blonde, there are three real questions you need to ask yourself.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Blonde

1.  Do I have the money for once a month touch ups?

2.  Do I have the time and patience to moisturize my hair one to two times a week?

3.  Am I OK with my curl pattern possibly changing?

Maybe one day when I'm balling out of control, I'll go back to being blonde.  For now, I'll rock my brown hair with subtle highlights and enjoy not going to the salon so often.

Would you ever go blonde?

God bless & stay fab,


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