October 3, 2017

Three Reasons You Need Skinny Jeans in Your Wardrobe


Listen...  If I never saw a bootcut jean again in my life, I would be ecstatic.  I know most of you are either laughing at me or wondering what is wrong with bootcut jeans.  Honestly, there is nothing wrong with them.  I am just tired of women thinking they are the only possible cut of jeans they are capable of wearing.  I work part time in retail and you would not believe the amount of women who are afraid to try something new.  I not only hear personal body shaming, which bothers me to my core, but women who say, "Oh, I can't wear that."  Stop it!  You never know what will look good on you unless you try it.  One wardrobe staple I get the most push back on is skinny jeans so I'm hear today to debunk the myths of skinny jeans.

When it comes to skinny jeans, I have heard everything from they are not flattering on curves to they make people's feet look huge.  Skinny jeans have always been one of my favorite types of jeans.  In fact, skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans are my absolute favorites.  Why?  They can be worn multiple ways.  Dressed up or dressed down.  Plus, they don't go out of style!  So, why exactly do you need skinny jeans in your life?  I'm sharing three reasons below.

Three Reasons You NEED Skinny Jeans in Your Wardrobe

1.  Skinny jeans are universally flattering.

One thing that always bothers me when I show a customer a pair of skinny jeans is when they say, "I can't wear those."  Why not?  If you never take the time to try them on, you never know how they will look on you.  I have seen skinny jeans be flattering on everyone from an hourglass figure to an apple shape.  Plus, it's all in how you rock them.  If you are one that wants to flaunt those curves, try pairing them with a figure hugging top.  If you want to hide the midsection, try a flowy number instead.  There are so many possibilities!

2.  Skinny jeans go with any shoe.

One of the main reasons I love a good skinny jean is because they go with any shoe.  I can rock them in the middle of summer with a slide sandal or wedges or I can rock them in winter with a flat or booties.  Any shoe you want to wear can be worn with skinny jeans.  I just finished packing for Blogalicious and I have mules that I plan to rock with mine.

3.  Skinny jeans are perfect for work or play.

I can't tell you the number of Casual Fridays where I rocked skinny jeans.  They go so well with blazers, button ups, dusters and sweaters.  They are able to be made office appropriate without a problem.  Of course, they also work very well for going out.  I love taking a pair of dark denim or black skinnies and pairing them with a cold shoulder top or bodysuit for dinner with my husband or hanging with the girls.  You all know I believe in pieces that can be worn multiple ways so skinny jeans are a must for the wardrobe.

What are your thoughts on skinny jeans?  Yay or nay?

God bless & stay fab,


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