October 5, 2017

Three Ways #Blogalicious9 VIP Mastermind Day Got My Entire Life Together


The first day of #Blogalicious9 was an incredible experience.  Imagine the first day of a conference being so good that you could have gone home feeling fulfilled and inspired all in one day.  That is what the first day of Blogalicious gave me!  Blogalicious is a one of a kind conference that I already knew would be amazing because my first time attending four years ago was out of this world.  This year is extra special for me not only because I am a Social Media Ambassador for this year's conference, but I was able to experience the VIP Mastermind Day presented by AARP for the first time.  VIP Mastermind Day was amazing from beginning to end and let's just say...  It got my life together!

So, what is VIP Mastermind Day?  It is a day added to the beginning of #Blogalicious9 to give more in depth and hands on sessions for bloggers, creatives and/or business owners.  This year's VIP Mastermind Day not only included awesome, timely sessions, but the most delicious lunch I have ever had a conference, a manicure and a VIP reception where I was able to meet Kim Coles.  As if that weren't amazing enough, I am breaking down three ways VIP Mastermind Day got me together honey!

Three Ways #Blogalicious9 VIP Mastermind Day Got My Entire Life Together

1.  It's time to get comfortable asking for what I deserve!  I'm allergic to FREE!

The first session of the VIP Mastermind Day started off with a bang!  Nicole Walters began the day with her session entitled, "Plan, Pitch & Pray."  I already knew Nicole as a powerhouse when it comes to pitching and sales so I could not wait to hear her session.  Nicole truly gave a break down on the keys to sales, pitching and creating a customer journey that takes customers from free offers to paying customers.  One of the things she said that stood out to me was, "Get comfortable asking for what you deserve!"

If you read my post on what I wanted to learn at Blogalicious, one of the first things I mentioned was how to become a master pitcher.  I think the biggest problem I faced in pitching was getting comfortable asking.  In my mind, I think I made excuses when instead I should have been encouraging myself.  I know that I am a hard worker that creates amazing content.  Why not ask for what I deserve?  No more freebies.  Companies should always be paying me for my hard work.

2.  My provision resides in my purpose.

If I am being completely honest, I can't say that being a full-time entrepreneur has been easy.  I still remember the day I gave my two weeks notice to my former supervisor.  I was so nervous that I felt nauseated.  I knew I was taking a huge leap and thankfully I had my husband's full support.  The months to follow included a lot of highs, but certainly a few lows including days where I did not know how I would be able to pay my bills the next month.  What I do know is that I have never felt as much peace and certainty in my life as I did the day I decided to pursue my purpose full time.

I knew then and still know now that God has a purpose for my life.  I get so excited sharing amazing finds, style ideas and fun events with all of you.  I know that my provision lies in my purpose and as long as I continue to serve God, stay true to myself and work hard, I know that all will be taken care of.

3.  Get that calendar together girl!

When Emilie Aries started her session, "Beat Burnout," I realized that burnout is something I have experienced a lot this year.  Between back to back deadlines, working part time, conferences and traveling this summer, I have found myself spending days and even weeks not wanting to blog or even touch social media.  I realize now that during those times I was experiencing burnout, which is the state of chronic stress, and two things that could have helped are not biting off more than I can chew as my mom would say and keeping a good calendar.

I bought my first Day Designer this year and I love love love it, but...  I am the worst at keeping it updated.  The calendar is so awesome and even includes areas where I can write what I'm grateful for, main tasks for the day, etc.  Emilie shared that it's important to not only add your tasks to your calendar, but fitness, fun and rest.  I know to keep myself from burnout in the future, I need to better plan my day and include time for myself.

Did any of the lessons I learned resonate with you?

God bless & stay fab,


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