March 26, 2023

Air Max Day 2023


This year is my husband and I's third year celebrating Air Max Day. I look forward to Air Max Day every year now because it's a time that we get to celebrate something we both enjoy together, sneakers! As I shared the first year, my husband gifted me the first Air Max silhouette I fell in love with and each year, we've been celebrating with a new silhouette. The cool thing about this year is that I was able to take a moment to really put on my creative hat and think about how I wanted the vibe and feel of our pictures to be.

This year has been a little different for me creatively because although I always love using a professional photographer, I've taken a step back from it to start creating more on my own. I've seen a lot of people talking about how true creatives are those that create something out of nothing. I think that is so true and lately, I've wanted to stretch myself creatively. I want to spend more time seeing if I could come up with ideas, execute them and bring them to life. 

With that in mind, I knew that it was really important to me to keep this annual tradition of Air Max Day going for us. So, I looked on Pinterest about a week before Air Max Day to see if anything stood out to me. I knew I wanted to include flowers since it's Spring and so much is blooming in our area. I found a few images for inspiration, went to Trader Joe's and bought several bouquets of flowers and came home to get started.

I created my own bouquet and showed my husband the theme I was going for. He chose his outfit, which was perfect for the feel of the images and we took our tripod and remote to a local park and got these images in about 30 minutes. I felt so accomplished that day. Always remember, nothing you create is small. Everything you deem important is important. Keep creating because you deserve to share your gifts and the world needs them.

How do you like this year's look? Are you a creative?

God bless & stay fab,


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