I felt led to start writing monthly reflections to share moments that have inspired me throughout the month, funny thoughts and words I want to share to encourage you. I hope you enjoy this month's reflections sis!


Do men still complain about the cost of dating these days? This thought came to me last week because if you follow me online, I have been outside a lot these days. From art galleries to music events, I have been going out and enjoying myself. All of the events I have been to lately have been free and several have even had free alcohol as well. This is why the question of complaining about the cost of dates came to mind for me recently. I have been married for almost nine years and one thing my husband and I have been big on since day one is continuing to have fun and date each other.


It's that special day of the year again. It's Air Max Day! I had so much fun participating in Air Max Day last year with my husband and sharing how Air Max was one of the first sneakers that really caught my eye years ago. I got such a great response from styling our Air Max together last year that we decided to make this an annual tradition. So, this year, we decided to take a different approach to styling our Air Max. This year is all about color and individuality.


It's a new year and I've already experienced two firsts in my life. I recently went viral on Twitter for the first time ever, which was such a strange experience yet good in so many ways. It was strange for me because I've been on Twitter for over 10 years and although I tweet often, I've never really given much thought to going viral. I tweet randomness like most people, but also helpful things when they come to mind.

Dear Black Business Owners,

I woke up with an urge to write this this morning because Black Owned Businesses are dear to my heart. Anyone who knows me knows this; however, if you are new here, I want you to know this first and foremost. I have always supported Black Owned Businesses and over the years, the surge of Black Owned Businesses has been both encouraging and inspiring for me to watch. We have been doing the darn thang and I'm here for it!

This post is sponsored by Mohawk Home.

I'm so excited to share today's post with Mohawk Home with you!  Ever since my husband and I moved into our home just over three years ago (...time flies girl), I knew that I wanted to revamp some of the rooms in our home.  One of the best pieces of advice I can give that I learned quickly is to take your time and do one room at a time.  My cloffice (closet + office) is my special place in our home and I felt it important to start here.  I decided that my first step for this space was to choose a rug that not only gave the room a more plush feel, but some personality!  The Mohawk Home Cheetah Spots rug does that and then some!

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