October 6, 2014

Personal Style | Fab Werkwear Series: The Classic White Shirt & Linkup

Hello Beauties!

I am so excited about this month's workwear series!  I shared what inspired me to do this series in this post and from the positive feedback I have received online, I know that this will be inspirational for us all.  I encourage all of you to share your looks by linking up here each Monday and/or sharing through social media using the hashtag, #fabwerkwear.  This week's challenge is the classic white shirt.

The funny thing about the classic white shirt is that so many different companies are putting their own spin on them.  I picked up this white shirt last summer from Ann Taylor and immediately fell in love with the sequin feature that apparently didn't photograph.  It's light enough to wear during the summer yet easily able to be layered for cooler months.

Style Tip:  The classic white shirt is definitely a staple for your closet.  They sell them at affordable stores such as Walmart and Target to high end retailers.  You can even thrift them, but be careful of yellow stains under the arms.  There are so many ways that you can style a white button up shirt from wearing them alone, with a statement necklace underneath, with suit, under a sweater, etc.  To see more for this style staple, be sure to follow my new Fab Workwear Pinterest board.

For today's look, I opted to wear it with this unintentional suit.  I found these fabulous wide leg pants on Simply Be's clearance section last year.  I loved the shape from the moment I put them on.  A few weeks ago, I found the blazer on clearance on Target's website.  Although the colors looked similar, I wasn't sure if they would match up in person.  The moment the blazer arrived, I paired them side by side and we had a pretty good match!  The best part is that this unintentional suit was under $50.

Target Blazer
Ann Taylor Blouse (Similar)
Simply Be Wide Legged Pants (Love this black option!)
Forever 21 Tote Bag (Similar)
Shoe Dazzle Heels (Similar, Similar)

How do you rock classic white shirts?

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  1. LOVE this oxblood color on you! You're keeping it classy and cute while dressing your way up the ladder ;-)

  2. Girl you look great and really workin' it! I wish I had something to link up but my outfit today at work is not too cool, well to me anyway.

  3. You're right, the classic white shirt has taken on so many personalities. I have one standard tailored one, and one with a bow. I can dress them both up and pair with dark denim.

  4. Thanks Louida! :-) No worries! You can link up or share through social media all week.

  5. I would love one with a bow! I know that's cute!

  6. Great suit and the color is perfect for this time of year. I LOVE it! Looking good!

  7. Really nice. I love the shoes and purse. The outfit looks really pretty on you.

  8. Oxblood, burgundy, whatever it's called this season is a wonderful color on you, so chic yet sophisticated! #PersonalStyleLinkup

  9. Nice the way those two pieces come together and I am going to join in!

  10. I'm a BIG fan of the white button front shirt! I love to rock it with dark denim jeans and shoes with a pop of color! Next favorite? Black button front shirt.

  11. I don't think I've ever owned a black button front shirt. I need to add this to my list! Thanks for commenting Pascha!

  12. Thank you again for joining in! :-D


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