October 13, 2014

Personal Style | Fab Werkwear Series: Prints & Linkup

Hello Beauties!

Thank you to everyone for all of your positive feedback about the Fab Werkwear Series!  The first week was wonderful!  Thank you to everyone who linked up and/or shared their classic white shirt looks online.  I loved seeing everyone's looks!  This week we're taking a look at prints.  I know what some of you may be thinking.  Where are my prints?  I decided to take the subtle approach.

I decided to personally take the subtle approach to this week's challenge because a lot of times in the workplace, I don't see many women wearing prints let alone leopard.  I wanted to share that you can successfully wear a fun print and still be work appropriate.  I decided to wear these super comfortable leopard pumps with this red shift dress from JCPenney.  Since it's getting cooler, I topped it off with this tan cape I recently found at Cracker Barrel for $20.  Score!

Style Tip:  If you're unsure how to wear prints, try incorporating one printed piece into your outfit.  I personally love wearing a printed shirt or printed heels to work.  It allows you to be a little daring yet still work appropriate.  Be sure to follow the Fabwear Series board on Pinterest for more inspiration.

Cape via Cracker Barrel
R&K Originals Short-Sleeve Zipper Dress
Jaclyn Point Pumps - Under $20!
Tote Bag (Similar
Firmoo Glasses

How do you incorporate prints into your workwear?

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God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. Love the cape, as well as the leopard print shoes. Great subtle touch! :-)

  2. What clothes at Cracker Barrel, never knew, but I do know that I love JCPenney's dresses and this is nice.

  3. love the shoes and viva la capes, especially this time of year. and while i went all out with print, i love when its used as a pop as well. ;)

  4. Thanks! I really appreciate you linking up again this week. I'll be pinning an image from your blog to the Pinterest board. :-)

  5. I love your little heart on your foot! And I think there should be more capes in the world.

  6. cool beans and i love a good challenge ;)

  7. I love those shoes! They are just the right amount of pow for your outfit and your dress is gorgeous!

  8. YES!!!!!! Loving this look! Have you ever thought of becoming a stylist? You would be great because you have such great style Ashley.

  9. wow! you look awesome! great outfit! i am loving that dress!

  10. Cute!!! I love your cape and the shoes are super cute.

  11. How Cute! Ashley, love it all! Just a little leopard makes everything alright! :)

  12. A Woman The World DeservesOctober 15, 2014 at 8:39 AM

    WERK! You look very classy, very Fall-ish, and very pretty! I am loving this outfit. You wear it well!

  13. Thank you Jennifer! Also, thank you so much for linking up!

  14. Lol! Thank you so much! I have given it some thought but I'm still not quite sure yet. :-)


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