February 10, 2015

Natural Hair | Four Lessons I've Learned in Four Years of Being Natural

Hello Beauties!

I can hardly believe I've been natural four years.  It seems like just yesterday I went to the salon to do the big chop.  When I went to the salon for my big chop, the stylist was afraid to cut my hair.  She wanted me to be absolutely sure before she did the chop so she cut some of it, told me to go home and think about it and if I still wanted to do the big chop tomorrow, she'd allow me to come back and cut it for free.  Needless to say, I went back the next day, nerves and all, and let her cut the remaining portion of my hair.

Since I've been natural, I think I have been through every emotion as well as hair change I think possible.  As I celebrate four years of being natural, I wanted to take the time to highlight four lessons I've discovered in my journey.  Read below:

1.  Moisture is key.

I remember interviewing Celebrity Hair Stylist, Oscar James, in 2013 and he shared with me that healthy hair starts at the scalp and your scalp needs nourishment.  Washing my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo once every one to two weeks, using a conditioner and doing the LOC Method with coconut oil has been the perfect method for my hair.  It leaves my hair and scalp moisturized and dandruff free.  Moisturized scalp and hair promotes growth, shine and the ability to achieve the best look with your hairstyle.

2.  Heat can be good for your hair.

Some naturalistas treat heat as if it's a death threat to your hair.  Just like with food, heat in moderation can be wonderful for your hair.  Applying heat while you're deep conditioning with a dryer or steamer can be an amazing, penetrative hair treatment.  It helps your hair and scalp retain moisture.  Also, using heat to blow out your hair can not only give you a new look, but it can help with getting the best view for trimming ends.  A lot of people will debate on what's the best method to trim ends.  Throughout the past four years, having my hair blown out and then trimmed has yielded me amazing hair growth.

3.  Protective styling or a hair change can save you from a hair rut.

Wearing your hair natural allows for so much versatility.  I've worn so many styles while being natural, but a lot of it wasn't just from curiosity.  Protective styling oftentimes saved me from a style rut and flat out gave me a break from styling my hair.  Protective styles are a fun way to wear your hair in a new way, but also a way to give your hair rest.  Constantly maniuplating your hair can cause breakage and take away moisture.  Crochet braids and sew ins are still my favorite protective styles to date.

4.  We put too much emphasis on hair.

Considering the first three lessons I've shared, this one might be a bit surprising.  I remember in the early stages of being natural, if my hair wasn't perfect, curled just the right way, or laying how I'd like, I was frustrated and just didn't feel cute that day.  After being natural for four years, I've realized sometimes you're just going to have bad hair days.  When I run into those bad hair days, I'm thankful for bobby pins, marley hair and wigs, but there are also some days where I could care less.  You know why?  Because after four years of being natural, I've realized I love myself whether my hair is perfect or not.

What are natural hair lessons you've learned over the years?

God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. I agree with #4 with almost two years of being natural you definitely have to take the good days with the bad days in being natural because they will come...especially when you are short on time...lol...I love your style and confidence keep shining for Christ

  2. You rocked each and every one of these looks. #4 is dead on. Amen sister. Stay Fab doll!

  3. I love your #4! I have good days and bad days with my hair but now all I care about is my hair being healthy. I use to think I must have long hair for my hair to look good but no that is not the case.

  4. My #4 hair mantra is "It's just hair!!". I miss the days of just being able to brush my hair and go!

  5. I didn't know that about the heat being good in moderation. I have been feeling like my hair is just so unpredictable lately and I don't know why. Maybe a change in shampoo, or conditioner for me? My pastors wife said to do different shampoos and conditioners every other day. I may need to try this. I am glad you have learned to just love your natural hair.

    Rachel xo

    Garay Treasures

  6. I've also been natural for 4 years and the biggest thing that I have learned is that everyone's natural experience is different. Don't be so disappointed if you do not have the same results as someone else. There are many factors that affect hair growth and hair styles. Find what works for you. If you are doing this change for yourself, you will always be happy with the results.

  7. Yes! They definitely come when you're short on time. That happened to me recently too and I was like, "Ah well!" LOL! Thank you so much for the compliments!

  8. Yes! Healthy hair is gorgeous hair. :-)

  9. Hey Rachel! It can definitely be good when it comes to deep conditioning your hair. I particularly love sitting under the steamer. It makes my hair so soft! I've found that my own hair likes the same products being used on it. I find when my hair is being "crazy," it's typically time for a trim or some sort of hair treatment like a hot oil treatment or deep conditioner.

  10. Thanks Erica! I'm loving your natural hair. :-) LOL! Girl... I thought my hair for sure was going to look like my mom's when I went natural. Negative! My feelings were hurt, but I've learned to love my own curls and embrace them. Can't wait to see your natural hair journey!


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