March 5, 2015

Natural Hair | Six Natural Hair Companies Owned by Black Women YOU Should Know

Hello Beauties!

I mentioned on Instagram over the weekend that although February 28 is technically the last day of Black History Month, I celebrate black history all year.  As we leave February and are now in March, I love that we go directly from Black History Month to Women's History Month.  In celebration of Black History and Women's History Months, I wanted to highlight six natural hair companies owned by black women.  These companies are companies I admire, respect and appreciate not only what they do, but how they represent black women.

(Photography Credit - Top Left:  Love Brown Sugar)

Check out my list of six black women owned natural hair companies you should know:

1.  Pardon My Fro

I met Dana, the owner of Pardon My Fro, a few years ago in Charlotte, North Carolina at the
NaturalStar Natural Hair Expo .  I was so excited to meet her because she is one of the most amazing graphic artists I've ever seen.  I loved and admired her work online for such a long time and meeting her in person was the icing on the cake because I soon found out that she is truly a sweet person.  Her designs include funky illustrations that show an appreciation for natural hair.  Her designs are featured in prints, shower curtains, t-shirts and more.  She is even the graphic designer behind Essence Magazine's 2015 horoscopes.

Learn more about Pardon My Fro here.

2.  Eden BodyWorks

I was introduced to Eden BodyWorks products while attending Curls Gone Wild in Greensboro, North Carolina.  They had a booth at the event and I noticed they were quickly selling out of all of their products.  My natural curiosity drew me to the booth and I'm glad it did.  Eden BodyWorks, founded by Jasmine Lawrence, features all natural hair products and ever since I began using their Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme, I have never looked back.  Their products are affordable, easy to locate and produce amazing curls!  Everyone I have recommended to the brand has fallen in love with their products.

Learn more about Eden BodyWorks here.

3.  The Trendy Socialite

The Trendy Socialite is an umbrella of awesomeness.  Don't believe me?  Have you heard of International Natural Hair Meetup Day?  This special day is an annual day where naturalistas all over the world gather and celebrate natural hair.  This day along with The Trendy Socialite was created by the beautiful, Adeea Rogers, whom I met several years ago.  I've always been amazed by her because Adeea not only created INHMD, but she is an amazing motivator.  She hosts webinars, events and helps people find their purpose.  She also just launched her t-shirt company, Trendy Lifestyle, that has fabulous shirts including, an "I Love My Natural Hair" shirt.

Learn more about The Trendy Socialite here.

4.  Koils by Nature

The year I attended Blogalicious was more than I could have ever imagined.  It was particularly great because of the people I met and connections I made.  One of the people I met is the fun and bubbly, Pamela Jenkins.  Pamela is the owner of Koils By Nature, an affordable all natural hair and skincare company.  Pamela is so fun to be around, but even more importantly, a kind and dedicated business woman.  She is passionate about natural hair and skincare and the love people have for her products can easily be seen online from all of the fabulous reviews on her products.  You can see my reviews of Koils by Nature products here and here.

Learn more about Koils by Nature here.

5.  Camille Rose Naturals

In 2013, I remember meeting a friend of the family with the most gorgeous natural curls!  We struck up a conversation and that's when she told me about Camille Rose Naturals.  She said she had been using their products for awhile and their brand was slowly popping up in Target around the United States.  At that time, I had never heard of Camille Rose Naturals, but as months went on, I began to see more and more talk about the brand.  They began popping up in Targets near me and after following them on Instagram, I was convinced this brand is the bomb!  Camille Rose Naturals, founded by Janell Stephens, produces some of the most gorgeous curls on naturalistas and what's even better, their products are all natural.

Learn more about Camille Rose Naturals here.

6.  curlBOX

curlBOX, a company I truly wish existed when I first began my natural hair journey, is a monthly subscription service that allows you to try multiple natural hair products for the price of one.  Each month, natural hair products are mailed right to your doorstep.  The company's owner, Myleik Teele, is a true visionary.  She created curlBOX and now encourages women through her amazing podcasts where she gives tips, shares encouragement and is transparent about her life and what it's taken to get where she is.

Learn more about curlBOX here.

Did you know about all of these companies?  What are some of your favorite natural hair companies owned by black women?

God bless & stay fabellis,



  1. You don't have to thank me Pam! You're awesome and I truly admire you and how you run Koils by Nature!

  2. These are great! Thanks for sharing with us. I also love Jeannell with Coco Curls based in Atlanta!!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm so glad you checked out this post Shon! Also, thanks for sharing Coco Curls with me. I will have to check her out! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Qhemet Biologics and Oyin Handmade are 2 that have been in business for 10+ years.

  5. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I'll have to check them out.

  6. Thanks for checking out the post! Alikay Naturals is one I've heard about, but haven't tried many of their products. I'll have to look more into their company.


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