April 6, 2017

Five Unexpected Travel Necessities You Can Find at the Thrift Store


If there is one thing I realized after turning 30 last year, it was that I definitely need to travel more.  After my first trips to Chicago and Las Vegas, it wasn't long before I got bit by the travel bug.  Now I'm on a mission to get my passport and travel out of the country for the first time.  When it comes to travel, I believe it's more than possible to do it while on a budget.  In fact, there are quite a few things you can find at the thrift store to prepare for upcoming trips and save before you even take flight.  I wanted to share five items you can find at the thrift store to prepare for your upcoming trips!

Five Unexpected Travel Necessities You Can Find at the Thrift Store

1.  Makeup Bags and Travel Bags/Totes

If there is one thing you can always find at local thrift stores, it is without a doubt, makeup bags.  When I head into one of my favorite thrift stores, Value Village, makeup bags are typically stacked near the purses and many are in great condition.  Even if you already have a makeup bag, it's great to get a few extra for toiletries and items you want to protect from spilling in your luggage or purse.  I typically always have two bags in my luggage, including a larger makeup bag and a smaller bag for toiletries.

It also doesn't just stop at makeup bags!  You can find tote bags, which are perfect for day trips to the beach.  If you're like me, I don't have a super large tote bag so I could head to the thrift store, find a large tote bag for few dollars and have enough room for our towels, flip flops and beach day needs.  Also, if you're touring a city, you can use a tote bag while you're out and about.

2.  Sunglasses and Cases

If you are a lover of sunglasses, the thrift store has them.  One thing I love about thrifting is that if you like vintage style frames, you can find them there; however, you can also find current styles of sunglasses too.  Plus, a lot of retailers now do not provide hard cases for sunglasses like they used to, but you can always find them at the thrift store.  I have even found vintage designer hard cases, which are really dope.  Opting to thrift sunglasses is a great option because whether you're heading to the beach or a large city, if you lose your sunglasses, you didn't lose a lot of money!

3.  Jackets and Vacation Wardrobe

I am that crazy person that always has to have a jacket when I travel.  You never know if it may be cold so having a jacket just in case is a must.  Jackets are so easy to find at the thrift store.  I recently found this bright yellow jacket for only $2.25 a few weeks ago.  It's a great spring color and light enough to throw on even with 60 degree weather.  Whether you want a simple denim jacket (check out this dope denim vest I thrifted) or a rain coat, you can find them at the thrift store.

Plus, if you are one of those that likes to take a new wardrobe on vacation, you can find that while thrifting too.  The thrift store always tends to have fun graphic tees, basics and even flowy summer dresses.  I recently found a great denim dress for only $5.  You can see it here.

4.  Storage Containers 

A trend I am starting see in thrift stores is that many carry brand new items.  I have found brand new energy efficient light bulbs, socks and even storage containers recently at the thrift store.  Whether you're traveling or not, small or sectioned storage containers are great to have.  If you are traveling by car or train, storage containers are a great way to carry meals or snacks while traveling.  It's convenient and saves money.  Plus, you can put it in your thrifted tote bag!

5.  Hats

One thing I am brand new to thrifting is hats.  The thrift store is the perfect place to find baseball hats or even straw hats.  With warmer weather, a lot of people love straw hats for gardening or walking on the beach.  You can definitely find them at the thrift store.  If you are interested in learning how to properly clean thrifted hats, click here.


**Beach Toys

If you are heading to the beach with the kids, a great place to find inexpensive beach toys is the thrift store.  You can find your noodles and everything to build a sand castle while there.  Plus, some thrift stores even sell new beach items like sunscreen or flip flops.

Have you ever picked up travel items at the thrift store?

God bless & stay fab,


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