January 20, 2011

Top E.L.F Faves

Hello Fashionistas!

I hope you all didn't think I had forgotten about you.  You know I could never do that!  I have been busy over the past week, but I have great news!  I've been able to try out some new products that I can't wait to share with you.  With that being said, let's get started...

Now how many of you all have heard of the brand E.L.F?  Anybody?  Now if you're not raising your hand at this point, you ought to be ashamed!  I'm kidding.  You have deprived yourself of something great though.

E.L.F, which stands for "Eyes Lips Face," is an affordable brand of makeup and face products.  I first discovered E.L.F a few years ago at a local Dollar General.  I bought a simple eyeshadow brush for a $1.  I didn't know how awesome this brush would be until I tried it out.  Their brushes are professional quality.  Can you imagine a $1 brush working just as well as a $20 brush from MAC?  Think about it!  I bet not, but it's true!  I decided to try a couple more of their products.

Here are my top three favorites:

1.  E.L.F Brushes  (Price Range:  $1-10)
 [They have all types of brushes.  Any makeup brush you're looking for can be found!]

2.  E.L.F  Blush  (Price Range:  $1-6)
[I love love love this blush!  The colors are long lasting and beautiful!]

3.  E.L.F Shine Erase  ($1)
[For the ladies who have oily skin, these will be your best friend!  I usually pay $10 for Boscia sheets or $5 for Avon sheets.  Never again!  You can't beat a $1!]

Check out E.L.F right now!  They usually have awesome offers such as 50% off brushes OR free shipping!  Can't shop online?  Check out your local Dollar General or Costco.  Enjoy!
God Bless!

January 17, 2011

Snap Shots

Hello Fashionistas!

This is Part Dos of my Asos Curve Review.  I'm wearing the black kimono dress and the black, leather leggings.  Check them out...

[Photography By:  Dorian Shy - Morrisville, NC]


January 9, 2011

Asos Curve Review

Hello Fashionistas!

As you all know, I'm always on the hunt for new items whether it be new beauty or fashion items.  I learn about many new products from YouTube and other blogs I follow.  I recently became addicted to Youtube (...like you aren't addicted) and as I was looking at JuSLiVn's channel, she mentions the website, Asos.  The website has a section called Asos Curve that is made for plus sizes.  As all of the plus size ladies know, it's hard to find companies who actually make fun and fashionable clothing for sizes larger than a 10.  She also showed her Asos Curve dress for her Outfit of the Day.  I decided to give the website a looksie...

What is Asos?

Asos is an online clothing site based in the United Kingdom.  From my understanding, they do not have any actual stores.  They are solely based online.  They recently created a website for the United States.  When I checked out their website, they not only have plus size clothing, but also maternity and petite clothing.  They also have accessories, shoes, handbags, etc.  I was very impressed with their plus size section.  They have a little over 100 items in the section.  They have everything from leggings and dresses to jackets and swimsuits.  The sizes range from US 16 to US 22.  Also, they have free shipping...even for returns!

What is the price range?

The only thing about the website that bothers me is the cost.  Asos is definitely NOT cheap.  The pricing is similar to the GAP.  A pair of pants may range from $50-70.  I know some may not think that's expensive, but I'm a bargain hunter.  I try to catch clearance and sales racks on the regular!  Since I was impressed with their items, I decided to branch out and buy a few.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

I bought three items from the website.  I bought a kimono dress, a pair of chinos and leather panel leggings.  I also purchased them with expedited shipping.


Although I love the clothes, I wasn't satisfied with the shipping.  I purchased the expedited shipping, which was $12, and I was supposed to receive my order in four days.  Due to bad weather, Asos e-mailed me and stated they would not be able to get my package to me on time and refunded my shipping charge.  [Kudos to them!!]  Also, they gave me a discount on a future purchase.  My dissatisfaction came with feeling ill-informed about the shipping process.  Since Asos has a US based website, I was under the impression that the clothing would be shipped from within the states.  The items still ship from the United Kingdom.  Also, once they go through customs, THEY choose the carrier.  I usually prefer USPS or UPS to deliver because they usually don't require a signature.  They chose FedEx which required a signature.  It was a little inconvenient.


These clothes are so cute!  I will attach photos of what I purchased.

[Note:  For those wondering why I have no pictures of me IN the clothes, be patient.  I shall have pictures up soon!  :-)]

Be sure to leave any questions or comments!  God bless!

January 3, 2011


Hello Fashionistas!

Here is my outfit of the day.  I found this leopard cardigan and it was instant love.

  • Leopard Cardigan (Forever 21)
  • White tee (H&M)
  • Black, Harem Pants (Forever 21+)
  • CZ Studs & Eiffel Tower Necklace (Forever 21 & H&M)
  • Tan, Suede Heels

As always, God bless!

January 2, 2011

Fuschia Fever

Hello Fashionistas!

I wanted to come to you all and fill you in on one of my FAVORITE beauty items right now.  I found out about this product a few months ago when I was thumbing through Sephora's holiday book.  In the book, I came across a model with ridiculously shiny, red lipstick.  It was so shiny that I wasn't sure if it was lip gloss or lipstick at the time.  I read in the description that it was their new Sephora Collection Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil.  I remember thinking, "How in the world can a pencil make your lips look like that???"  It was so pigmented and glossy looking.  The next time I went to Sephora, I decided to pick up the pencil in Fuschia Fever, which is a shimmering hot pink color.

Let me just say...  Sephora has really outdone themselves.  This pencil is honestly one of my favorite beauty items.  You can line your lips with this and fill them in.  NO NEED FOR A LIP LINER!  It leaves a glossy look, moisturizes and best of all, it's long lasting.  The only time I have to touch it up is after eating.  Also, I get TONS of compliments on this color and it goes with any skin tone.

Although Fuschia Fever is my favorite color out of the line, they also have seven other colors, including:
  • Fancy Red  (shimmering rich red)
  • Vinyl Raspberry  (shimmering deep pink)
  • Coral Glow  (shimmering flamingo coral)
  • Miami Pink  (glossy light pink)
  • Strawberry Delish  (glossy magenta red)
  • Gorgeous Peach  (glossy golden peach pink)
  • Sweet Beige  (glossy light caramel)
[Note:  These descriptions are listed on Sephora's website.  They may appear different on your lips.]

All of these are available at Sephora for only $12.  [Remember, they have FREE shipping for every order over $50!]

I have a few pictures below.  Any questions?  Comment me!  :-)  God bless!


What's My Name?

Hello Fashionistas!

Happy New Year!  I pray that you all had a wonderful New Year's celebration.  I'm thankful to see another year.  With the start of a new year, it allows time for personal growth and new aspirations.

I have been thinking a lot about my blog over the past few weeks and one of the things I'd really been thinking of is the NAME of my blog.  I know I initially started out with something simple because I wanted to go ahead and begin to get my ideas out there, but now that I've had time to think, I wanted to go ahead and change it up.

Now with the help of God and my good friend, Kizzy, I was able to come up with the new title, F.A.B and my new link http://fabellis.blogspot.com/.  I love it!  [Note:  If you have no idea, why I chose this... My last name is "Ellis."  Love how it sounds like, "fabulous," when you say it.  Hot, right?"]

Not only that...  I also plan on having a direct e-mail so you all can contact me with questions.

More to come...

As always, God bless you all!
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